User Experience Tools: initial roll-out to Magnum RC

Today sees the first phase in rolling-out the new User Experience tools to the Main grid. As noted in the official release notes, the tools have been rolled-out to the Magnum Release Channel.

The new tools were previewed back in March in a rare SL blog post, which I covered at the time it was released. Today’s Magnum release adds three new LSL functions for User Experience:

  • llAttachToAvatarTemp (integer attach_point) — Follows the same convention as llAttachToAvatar, with the exception that the object will not create inventory for the user, and will disappear on detach, or disconnect. It should be noted that when an object is attached temporarily, a user cannot ‘take’ or ‘drop’ the object that is attached to them. Additionally, if this function is used with experience permissions, the user is ‘automatically’ made the owner of the object. If you use this function without the experience permission, the target MUST be the owner of the object for it to attach properly
  • llTeleportAgent (key agent_uuid, string lm_name, vector landing_point, vector look_at_point) — Teleport Agent allows the script to teleport an agent to either a local coordinate in the current region or to a remote location specified by a landmark. If the destination is local, the lm_name argument is a blank string. The landing point and look at point are respected for this call. If the destination is remote, the object must have a landmark in its inventory with the teleport agent script. lm_name refers to the name of the landmark in inventory
  • llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords (key avatar, vector global_coordinates, vector region_coordinates, vector look_at) — Teleports an agent to region_coordinates within a region at the specified global_coordinates. The agent lands facing the position defined by look_at local coordinates. A region’s global coordinates can be retrieved using llRequestSimulatorData(region_name, DATA_SIM_POS).

This initial roll-out does not include the expanded Experience Permissions System, as Oskar Linden points out in a forum post on this week’s server releases. Instead, the new functions work with the current runtime permissions system (specifically PERMISSION_TELEPORT), although plans are in-hand to roll-out the new permissions systme at some point in the future.

No details have yet been released on the Professional Creators Programme that was mentioned in the original preview blog post, but if you are interested in learning more about the tools, the Advanced Creator Tools Notification Group is still open to membership, and you are encouraged to join the Group.

Oskar notes that LL will be actively monitoring the forum thread announcing the roll-out, and anyone encountering issues with the new functions is encouraged to post feedback in the thread, cross-referencing any relevant JIRA they raise.

Given the functions are now on the Magnum RC, and people are being encouraged to provide feedback, this roll-out would appear to move the User Experience tools outside of the associated Closed Beta programme.

For ease of reference, here’s the video LL released with the original preview announcement:

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5 thoughts on “User Experience Tools: initial roll-out to Magnum RC

  1. Hmm, worried about this command, i smell problems.
    I dont hope that can be used for abuse or grieving,
    because you cant remove it until you TP out.

    It should be noted that when an object is attached
    temporarily, a user cannot ‘take’ or ‘drop’ the object that is attached to them.


    1. There will be comprehensive permissions controls rolled-out alongside these new commands reaching a wider audience. At it is, with the Magnum release obey current permissioning, which should limit chances of abuse. “take” and “drop” refer to the fact that the command cannot be included in a script within an in-world object than can be “taken” to inventory (right-click + take), nor can an object containing the command be “dropped” in-world. This should again limit the risk of the commands being used for griefing.


    2. I think you have mis-read that, Lost. Or else you didn’t watch the video that Inara linked. What it is saying that the temporarily attached objected cannot be made “real” by trying to take it or by trying to drop it (and then take it).
      This is not “Force Attach”. In fact in the video that is explicitly stated.
      As Inara said, there will be further permissioning added to allow or deny this kind of thing.


    3. Lost, while you can’t take or drop the item, you can detach it, which deletes it.


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