SL9B: Important dates for your diary

To keep things front-and-centre, here’s a recap of the key dates for those participating in SL9B as exhibitors (or who wish to participate) and outline dates of the event itself:

  • Closing date for exhibitor applications: June 3rd (Application Form)
  • Sims open for exhibitor building: June 4th
  • Completion date for exhibitor builds: June 16th
  • Technical Rehearsal: June 17th
  • SL9B Opening: June 18th, 11:00 SLT
  • Entertainment starts: June 18th 12:00 SLT (midday)
  • Entertainment finishes: June 24th
  • Exhibits close: June 27th

If you wish to stay abreast of news relating to SL9B, join The SLB Community in-world.

SL9B is being organised by residents, for residents – there is no direct involvement from Linden Lab. Along with the festivities there will be fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, a charity supported by Dream Seeker Estates.

As always, a special video from the unofficial SL9B Guest Spokesperson (or is that Spooksperson? 🙂 ) together with his special guest to explain the ins-and-outs of SL9B building.

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Video courtesy of Mr. Crap Mariner.

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