The Incomparable Lightness of Tweeting*

*With apologies to Milan Kundera, but given the subject matter, it was too hard to resist the title.

Twitter can be a fun place, especially when it comes to Second Life (no, really…). Take last night, when I noticed Mistletoe Ethaniel tweeting to a hashtag entitled “LessAmbitousNovels”  – the idea being to take the name of a novel and turn it into something a little … less ambitious. I couldn’t help but reply with one of my own: The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to Your Local Store. which prompted a rapid exchange between Mistletoe and myself:

Thus was born a few hours of silliness that illustrated the range of talent and humour that is part and parcel of the SL community. Here are a few of my personal favourites by “author”:

  • Abel Undercity:
    • An LSL Bridge Too Far
    • For Whom the Lag Rolls
    • Crash
    • My Fair JIRA
  • Ahuva Heliosense – The Sun Also Rezzes
  • Alex Hayden
    • The Prim of Miss Jean Brodie
    • The Fall of the House of Linden
  • Antony Fairport – Rendezvous With Drama
  • Bear Silvershade – Where Avatars Fear to Rez
  • Cinder Roxley:
    • Stranger in a Strange Sim
    • Old Man and the Blake Sea
    • Something Scripted This Way Comes
    • War and Grief
    • Uncle Tom’s Skybox
    • The Tenant of Ravenglass Hall
  • Gypsy Quixote – The Handmaid’s Tail
  • Gwendolyn Ann Smith – A Tale of Two Bay Cities
  • Miso Susanowa
    • Lord of the Sims
    • For Whom The Tier Tolls
    • One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Sim
  • Mistletoe Ethaniel
    • I, Copybot
    • Master and Kajira
    • To Kill a Sion Chicken
  • Ossian – The Grid-Wide Hunt For Red October
  • Salazar Jack – Prim and Primibility
  • Sling Trebuchet
    • Charlotte’s Mesh
    • The Muted American
  • Spikeheel Starr
    • The Avatar is a Harsh Mistress
    • Welcome Island of Dr. Moreau

And there are more besides under the hashtag #SLNovels. While I hate pointing to my own contributions (ego, ego!), I hope the following selection raised a smile or two:

  • I, Rodvik
  • Rosedale Shrugged
  • The Catcher in the Cornfield
  • The Thirty-Nine Prims
  • To Sculpt a Mockingbird
  • SL Confidential
  • A Passage to Zindra
  • A Prim With A View
  • Gone With The Windlight (also submitted by Marx Dudek)
  • The Scripted Agent
  • Do Avatars Dream of Breedable Sheep?

So, does anyone else have ideas for suitable SLNovels?


9 thoughts on “The Incomparable Lightness of Tweeting*

  1. I had some posting issues last night, so instead of vomiting up my own ideas, I got to enjoy all the posts folks put up last night.

    Good ones all around, and crowdsourcing humor remains an SL user strong point.



    1. Was great fun, and we missed your input. As Rodvik’s SL home is a library, maybe we should donate the titles to him…


  2. That was one of the more fun threads – i was chuckling all afternoon at work – Bear “Silverblade” 🙂


    1. Drat! Corrected 🙂

      And you know, your name was one of only three (along with Cinder’s and Spikeheel’s) I didn’t simply cut-and-paste from the Tweets! Silly me!


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