Linden Lab announces anaglyph 3D compatibility!

So… can’t wait for Oculus Rift? Fed-up with no 3D capability on the Linden Viewer with nVidia 3D glasses?

Well, fear not! On April 1st, the Lab announced FULL SUPPORT for anaglyph glasses! This great news was announced in a blog post which reads in part:

As we’ve previously blogged, we recently integrated the Oculus Rift with the Second Life Viewer; users with the development headset can try out the beta now and experience Second Life in a uniquely immersive way. Today, we’re happy to announce another exciting new way to experience Second Life: anaglyph 3D mode.

We think this will appeal to literally dozens of Second Life users nostalgic for the kind of 3D experiences provided by comic books, cereal boxes, and B-movies.

Hungry for nostalgia? Linden Lab's new project viewer brings you just that!
Hungry for nostalgia? Linden Lab’s new project viewer brings you just that!

The post goes on:

A key immersion feature of the Oculus Rift is the ability to look around the world by moving your head. This works with the anaglyph 3D mode as well. Simply attach the monitor to your head and coordinate your camera controls with your head movements.

Those wishing to take advantage of this latest innovation from the Lab, a company which demonstrates it can look backwards as well as forwards, can grab the project viewer today – but be quick, this is a one-day opportunity only!

It’s the first of the month…

Note: To all those who have been poking me about the big secret in the Firestorm video. Yes I am aware – admittedly after-the-fact, as I didn’t check the link at the time, so egg-on-face to me! However, Jessica informed me what was really going on not long after I’d blogged, but asked me to keep mum, as the hope had been that people would discover it for themselves (hence why I’m still not mentioning it here, although the cat is out of the bag elsewhere). There is yet more to come on this; again I’ve been asked to hold-off blogging on it to allow the fun to be had!

Yes, it’s April 1st, and time for the tradition of April Fools jokes. Last year, Firestorm hit the nail on the head with their Firestorm Mobile hoax, which was beautifully conceived and executed. In some ways, it was perhaps too successful, given the upset that came from some who didn’t pick-up on the hints throughout.

This year, they’re back with another video, introducing the Firestorm DUI.

It’s a cute video, but I can’t help thinking that it would have worked a lot more effectively as an April Fools joke had it been approached with the same gravitas as marked last year, and  leaving the reveal until the end rather than announcing the intention in the title and the opening few seconds of the video. Nevertheless, the video should raise a smile or two, and I also have to say…

Jessica, really! Such language! 😉  .

Catzip are also into the April Fools theme this year as well. More low-key than Firestorm, they’ve issued an April 1st Press Release concerning the revolutionary Catzcoin:

The long-awaited next version of the Catznip Viewer™ for Second Life™, Catznip R9 will ship with its own built-in peer-to-peer crypto-currency, CATZCOIN™.

CATZNIP R9 users will be able to mine CATZCOIN while logged in without impacting viewer performance. The longer they use Second Life with Catznip the more CATZCOIN they will generate. CATZCOINS will be tradeable for L$, US$, Dogecoin, BitCoin and directly for virtual goods in Second Life via the CATZAPI™.

Catzcoin: not available real soon!
Catzcoin: not available real soon!

A Revolutionary Digital Currency for your Digital Second Life.

Earning and spending CATZCOIN in Second Life will reinvigorate in world commerce, helping customers to be more active and involved. Hot spots allow store owners to boost traffic by offering CATZCOIN mining surges while preventing campers thanks to our patent pending CATZNAP™ anti AFK wizardry. CATZCOIN means real anonymous people earning and spending in world.

 CATZNAP™ anti AFK wizardry ensures the most active SL users mine the most!

  • FREE Achievements and CATZCOIN hats in Second Life for major milestones!
  • CATZEYES™ for easy CATZCOIN block inspection!
  • Firestorm integration with our CATZCLAWS™ P2P protocols.
  • CATZCOIN surges for members of the CATZPURR™ mentor and live help programs!
  • The really awesome CATZCOIN logo. So awesome you want it on a mug.
  • No chance of being bought out by Facebook. Ever.

The “mug” link (there’s a hint there as well, in the use of “mug”, methinks!) will take people to a Cafe Press page (which is genuine) where anyone who enjoyed the joke or who wants to support Catznip and purchase merchandise. Proceeds from any sales will go towards offsetting costs involved with paying for the project’s VPS server.

SL goes to the movies (thanks to Strawberry!)

Strawberry is at it again with her Monday memes and challenges. This week the challenge is to do with movies. The instructions are seemingly easy, as Strawberry explains:

Monday Meme Instructions: The challenge for this week is to create a movie poster for your SL Avatar or SLife. You can base it off an original movie poster or think of a completely new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it!

I love movies so this one grabbed my attention, and although I’m the first to admit that my graphics / photo manipulation skills are not the greatest, I decided to have a go…

Bladeserver Runner-3a

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Start April with a one-day offer from the Firestorm team!

It’s the start of April, and for ONE DAY only, the Firestorm team have a very special offer for SL users.

Firestorm Mobile brings the power for Firestorm to any mobile device – even if it doesn’t have graphics!  So don’t delay find out more about this first-of-the-month offer for April in this official Firestorm video!

With thanks to Jessica 🙂

And the award goes to …

The hoverboard and L$1000 still available on Amazon - but at the "full price" of $9.95
The hoverboard and L$1000 still available on Amazon – but at the “full price” of $9.95

Tateru Nino follows-up the news of SL’s launch on Amazon with feedback from the Lab as to why the “special offer” on the Starter Vehicle Pack comprising a hoverboard and L$1,0000 (equivalent of about $4.00 USD) was withdrawn within a very short time after the Amazon drive was formally announced on January 4th.

In a written reply to a query from Tateru, The Lab’s spokesman, Peter Gray (Pete Linden in-world) stated:

“This offer was terminated early due to repeated attempts to circumvent the one-per-customer limit, but we saw great demand for the deal and hope to be able to offer similar special promotions in the future”

As Tateru goes on to state herself:

It seems to me that “repeated attempts to circumvent the one-per-customer limit” – for a free pack that contained currency that could be converted and withdrawn in USD – would perhaps rank it very highly in a short-list of the most easily predictable events of 2013.

She’s right. Yet that is precisely what happened; no-one at the Lab could see the patently obvious.

Therefore, even though the days of the year have yet to reach double digits, it is my great honour to announce the inaugural “SL Palme d’Face Award” goes to: Linden Lab’s Amazon “Vehicle Starter Pack Promotion” & whoever was behind it.


With thanks to Tateru Nino, and apologies to the Cannes Film Festival.