Images from Fantasy Faire 8: Siren’s Secret

Important Note: due to the service outage on Thursday 26th April, Fantasy Faire has been extended by one day

Siren’s Secret is the second build at this year’s Fantasy Faire by Elicio Ember, the other being Nu Orne. It takes us from the deep jungle to the wide sea, and a design that, like The Tides, has Atlantean echoes. But whereas The Tides is suggestive of an Atlantis of legend, Siren’s Secret takes a more alien / science-fiction turn; indeed, anyone who has seen the TV series Stargate:Atlantis may well feel a certain familiarity when looking on the style of architecture here. Again the echoes are faint, but they are there, and walking along the flood walkways I would not have been surprised if I’d come across a Stargate and DHD sitting in a corner…

Which is not to say this build isn’t in any way original; as I said, the echoes are faint. In fact, I have to admit that it is perhaps the build that draws me most strongly. This is in part because it does mix fantasy and science-fiction so well, but also because of the manner in which the build extends below, as well as above, the waves, encouraging those who visit to explore what lies beneath as well as being tempted by the creations on offer.

The sim is sponsored by Booshies, housed in an imposing store directly opposite the main teleport area, on the other side of which site the Jail and Bail cell. Around the sim, under the sweeping gaze of the crystal-powered lighthouse (which Elicio has donated to the Faire’s Silent Auction alongside the lighthouse from Nu Orne), you will find stores with a distinctly aquatic feel: Bibi’s coral reef shop, Mermaid Treasure & Boutique, Pacific Sunrise, Mer-chandise Cove and more besides.

Booshies themselves are a new range of breedable about to be launched in Second Life and are the subject of an interview with their creator, Booshie Resident, on the Fantasy Faire website. The website also carries an interview with Elicio Ember, in which he discusses both Siren’s Secret and Nu Orne.

One of the things I like about Siren’s Secret is that it naturally lends itself to being photographed at night – so I make no apologies for the number of night shots that follow…

Siren’s Secret
Your cell awaits: Jail and Bail
The lighthouse and sim by night
Detail above the water
…and below