Images from Fantasy Faire 6: Jungle Bungle

Jungle Bungle is a strange name for a land that appears to have popped out of a mix of fairytale worlds. Here you will find a wonderful world of colour presided over by human-like trees and throughout which are carvings of exotic creatures that might have escaped from forgotten tales by the Brothers Grim.

The sim is the work of Mayah Parx, who is interviewed by Dagmar Haiku on the Fantasy Faire website, and who is also the sim’s sponsor and owner of the Epic Toy Factory. The sim is very much one that deserves to be photographed using the default Windlight settings it provides – which is largely what I’ve done here, even at the risk of spoiling some of your pleasure when you visit.

As you wander the Smartie-like (candy-like) trails through the sim, you’ll be led past a marvellous group of shops reflecting the fae nature of the region and will also come across the aforementioned wood carvings and other little wonders and treasures. One thing you’re sure to be unable to miss, as it rises from near the middle of the sim, is the great entwined bulk of a beanstalk as it climbs into the sky, dwarfing the little floating islands beside it. Walk around it and witness the fate of the giant, head-first in a roiling lake of … chocolate….

Jungle Bungle is, like most fairy stories, both whimsical and dark. While the colours are vibrant, and the stores open to all, the lowering sky and the creatures carved in wood lend a more sinister feel to the place. But then, fairy tales are both the stuff of dreams and of nightmares…

Jungle Bungle
Follow the candy trail past stores of goodies
A house in the sky
More tree folk…
…and strange creatures…
A small reminder