Images from Fantasy Faire 4: Nu Orne

The Ruins of Nu Orne is an amazing build by Elicio Ember. It draws on a range of influences  – from Tolkien though exotic rain forest-like environs to the tropical mysteries of Thailand and beyond the Earth itself to imagined alien worlds – to create a magnificent venue in which to explore and visit the stores supporting the Faire. As with the other regions for the Faire, there is much to see here, both down on the ground and up in the air among the tree-tops. For me, and while the mix of influences are broad, the region resonates most strongly with my memories and impressions of visits to Sri Lanka. Why this is so I can’t explain: Nu Orne has very little in common with Sri Lanka, other than the verdant greens of the jungle when seen under Windlight Dynamic Richness; but the echoes are there for me, all the same.

Here you’ll find a wide range of stores, from Zachh Barkley’s Arcannum, the sim’s sponsor, featuring everything for the Magi and acolyte through to Caverna Obscura,  Ari’s Neko retreat and Luminous Designs through to Elicio’s own Cerridwen’s Cauldron. You can climb the stairs to the top of the crystal-powered lighthouse and admire the floating island hovering over the landscape or wander among tall trees, surround by the splash and roll of free-flowing water.

To find out more about this remarkable build, and Sirens Secret, also be Elicio Ember, you can read an interview with him on the Fantasy Faire website.

Nu Orne – above the trees
The teleport point in the mist…
Nu Orne
Ancient buildings
Water and stone
High above

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