Images from Fantasy Faire 1: The Tides

“The Tides (by Alia Baroque) – the silent stones of a society who harnessed the power of the strong and heavy sea and ruled across the waves.”

The Tides is one of two ocean-themed region in this year’s Fantasy Faire. It is sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc, and the build is by Fallen Gods proprietor, Alia Baroque and features works by SL sculptor Amael Juran as part of its set-piece. I’ve previously visited Alia’s builds and Annon, Athan and Selidor, which I found enchanting.

I confess to also loving The Tides; not only is the build stunning and the attention to detail superb, the build contains powerful echoes of ancient civilisations and  – Greek, Minoan, and so on – and also ancient legends, notably that of Atlantis.

Here are some highlights of this superb build (as always, click any to enlarge).

The Tides
Heroic: two of the bronze sculptures that adorn The Tides teleport point
What lies beneath: the detail isn’t limited to the raised walkways and piered buildings…
…although even beautiful builds can have a dark side: a watery prison, perhaps to hold those awaiting their turn in the Jail and Bail fundraiser?!
Macmoragh & Muse: one of the Featured Stores at The Tides
Alien orrery: inside Macmoragh & Muse

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