Parametric deformer: Qarl updates (2)

It’s been a while since we’ve had news on the mesh parametric deformer project.  So it was good to hear Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden), the man behind the code, to provide a brief update on matters in this week’s  Metareality podcast:

[27:58] Sorry guys; so here’s an update on the deformer. I have been obscenely busy in the last three months work-wise, and I have not had the chance to work on it much. That said, I did start working on it again on Monday [the 16th April] and I should have a release this weekend … The deformer’s going to happen, you don’t need to worry about that. Linden Lab has committed to getting it working; if they reject it for dumb reasons, I think that would – while they’ve done dumb things in the past, I don’t think that will happen; that would surprise me.

Given that there have been unfounded rumours circulating that Linden Lab are trying to “kill” the deformer  – which seem largely based on the premise that the project doesn’t appear to be progressing as fast as some people believe it should – hopefully, Karl’s update will set matters to rights, and see an end to such rumours.

For my part, I’ll be keeping an eye on Karl’s website at, and will relay any news that is forthcoming.

In the meantime, there has been an interesting discussion going on within the SL official forums relating to standard sizes in SL and mesh. It’s worth a read and gives pause for thought – particularly Max Graf’s very considered input to the discussion.

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With thanks to Gianna and the Metareality podcasts.

15 thoughts on “Parametric deformer: Qarl updates (2)

  1. Maxwell Graf’s comments are completely spot on and what I have been saying about Mesh all along. This is *exactly* how I feel – clothes should fit you not you have to fit them.

    As I said in my own humble little blog back in September of last year:
    “One of the biggest benefits of Second Life is you can be who you want to be. You (or, rather, your avatar) can be exactly as you want it – it’s the overriding expression of your individuality and what makes Second Life so wonderful. But if Mesh clothing is going to force us all to resize our avatar to the clothing, rather than the clothing to the avatar, then this is a bad thing.”


    1. Agreed.

      I hope the deformer can, SL quirks allowing, fulfill the original hopes and expectations set out for it.

      (btw have added your blog to my list – I’ve enjoyed perusing your posts 🙂 ).


  2. I am still being patient (well maybe a little antsy). It is just not worth buying mesh clothing that will be obsolete once the deformer comes out.


  3. Thos ‘unfounded rumors’ started from Qarl posting reactions to the TPV policy and saying he felt they were trying to kill his project.

    Naturally when you make a statement like that, others run with it.


    1. Qarl has stirred the pot where the TPV Policy changes are concerned, true. I’ve been meaning to wag a finger at him for the the sound bite from the TPV Dev meeting where the changes were announced he uses on his website – it’s presented entirely out-of-context.

      But to be fair, I actually started hearing comments from within various Group IMs as far back as February which had little or no connection with Qarl, but were largely as a result of people deciding that because TPV X or Y had the alpha release of the deformer, and the LL Viewer didn’t, LL were trying to stop the project. That LL actually had a Dev Viewer build that incorporated the base code from around mid-January onwards (but have frozen it pending further work elsewhere) made absolutely no difference to the rumours.


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