Direct Delivery: emerging issues

Update April 1st: LL issue revised DD migration deadline based on issues occurring on the Marketplace

Update March 29th: Updates on payment problems (see below)

Update: As noted in the comments, it appears the Linux version of Niran’s Viewer is capable of running the Merchant’s Outbox without incident. If you’re a Linux user and keen to make the migration / stuck part-way through migrating, you might try it.

Issues are starting to be reported in relation to Direct Delivery.

Outbox Initialisation Failure

People are reporting that the Merchant Outbox is failing to initialise. The issue seems to be most closely related to Linux, but has also been reported for Windows and Mac, and JIRAs for all three have been created:

  • Outbox initialisation fails on Linux (JIRA VWR-28629)
  • Outbox initialisation fails on Windows (JIRA  VWR-28630)
  • Outbox initialisation fails on Mac (JIRA  VWR-28631) builds

I’ve used the Outbox on all current Viewers with the capability and using Windows 7 32-bit, with no issues. These currently are: the latest SL Viewer (, Firestorm 4.0.1, Niran’s Viewer (1.30+), and Zen viewer However, I may have escaped issues for two reasons:

  • I am logged-in to my Merchant’s page on SL Marketplace
  • I use the English language version of the Viewers.

Linden Lab are still investigating problems, but if you are experiencing issues with the Outbox on Windows or Mac OS, you might try the following:

  • Ensure you are logged-in to your Merchant home page / manage listing page prior to trying to run the Outbox in the Viewer
  • Run the English language version of the SL Viewer

Lance Corrimal suggests the Linux problem is related to an OpenSSL issue with Linux builds of the Viewer (which has impacted Linux users’ ability to upload snapshots to their profile feed).

If you do have repeated issues with trying to get the Merchant Outbox to work, and the suggested solutions above do not work, please visit the relevant operating system JIRA and logged your error, giving full details of your Viewer environment (available by option HELP->ABOUT (Viewer name), and copying the information given there.

Payment System Failures – Updated

There are also reports that some merchants who converted to Direct Delivery are experiencing issues over payment for transactions.  While a similar issue existed prior to DD going live (transactions stalled at “being delivered”), the issue appears to be more noticeable now, with some merchants reporting that converting back to Magic Boxes seems to clear their particular problem.

A number of JIRAs are open on issues at present:

  • WEB-4441: Delivery status frozen with Being Delivered Status on marketplace transaction. 1399L lost and item never delivered (merged with WEB-4559, previously referred to in this article, now closed)
  • WEB-4580: Direct Delivery Issue – Item named with unicode characters causes order/payment system to fail
  • WEB-4596: Direct Delivery is hanging in “Being Delivered” rather than forwarding funds to Merchants even when the item has been paid for and received by the Customer. This is for NON-UNICODE Listings

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Main grid pathfinding beta

With the Linden Wilderness experience opening to demonstrate pathfinding capabilities, word hasn’t spread too widely concerning a call for region owners to volunteer for a pathfinding beta on the main grid.

The call came during the SL Simulator meeting of the 16th March, and was made by Falcon Linden, to whit:

[16:39] Falcon Linden: (3) There will be an Agni beta for pathfinding in the coming weeks. The beta will only be open to region owners (though once pathfinding is released gridwide, it will not require you to own a region to use it). If you are interested, please e-mail

No further details are supplied, but any region owners who are interested should follow-up with an e-mail.

The pathfinding tools themselves are now available through an Alternate Viewer (scroll to Pathfinding), which can be used by anyone with an interest in pathfinding when used in conjunction with the pathfinding enabled regions on the Beta grid (Aditi):

  • PathTest1 (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/PathTest1/131/101/23)
  • PathTest2 (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/PathTest2/100/170/26)
  • PathTest3 (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/PathTest3/103/127/23)
  • PathTest4 (secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/PathTest4/127/194/29)

The easiest way of reaching these is to log-in to Aditi and use the World Map to locate the PathTest regions.

One of the PathTest regions on Aditi

Details on the tools themselves can be found on the (in development) pathfinding page of the SL wiki.

There is apparently going to be a Pathfinding User Group starting in the near future. Keep an eye on the UG listings page (or possibly the main pathfinding page of the wiki) if interested.

With thanks to Ciaran Laval for the pointer to the Simulator Group meeting transcript.