Received Items: feedback request

Linden Lab have added an update to their blog post on Received Items, requesting feedback.

That’s good.

The bad things are that people only have until 17:00 SLT today (1st March) in which to complete the survey, LL haven’t actually gone out of their way to tell anyone or anything about the survey. While the update is on the blog…there’s no dashboard link to the blog post itself.

My own thoughts on the idea are pretty clear, and from what I’ve seen, reaction to the system hasn’t been that great elsewhere. I’ve no idea if this is all part of the general stirring of thing inventory, a-la the Simplified Inventory Project Viewer, or what. However,  if you have tried the system out, then now is the time (just!) to give some solid feedback to LL.

The survey link is there  – or you can follow it right here. The survey itself is short and to the point, and shouldn’t take too long to complete.

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