Viewer release summary 2012: week 12

Change in Format

I’m moving the weekly listing to a page on its own for ease of reference – see viewer review panel on the right of the home page for this blog. From this week, I’ll be running a quick highlight of any updates with a link to the main Viewer Round-up page, which also now catalogues all reviews I’ve written on each of the Viewers I keep an eye on. Round-up will always refer to the previous week.

Updates for week ending: 25 March, 2012

After the rush with updates on the 19th (just after I published my last update, forcing me to update the update!), with Niran’s Phoenix and Firestorm all getting news versions, things have been relatively quiet.

  • Linden Lab have launched a new Pathfinding Project Viewer – currently works on the Beta Grid for pathfinding
  • Niran’s Viewer upped from 1.30 to 1.31, with further floater customisations
  • Zen Viewer went to release with the addition of the Merchant’s Outbox
  • Cool VL Viewer rolled out with “minimal” DD support – Henri is apparently working on a port of the Outbox code, so don’t expect it in this release & give him a change to code / test 🙂
  • Radegast issued release 1.26, with better inventory support links, DD notifications support, and improvements to the scene viewer

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