Viewer release summary 2012: week 9

Updates for week ending: 4 March, 2012

As per usual, a number of updates this week. LL released a new version of their Development Viewer and updated the Direct Delivery Project Viewer. Catznip went to release R6 and got a TPV Directory listing (congrats!), marking their “official” graduation to public Viewer. Lance issues his “Fujiyama” release of Dolphin (, so-called as it includes various photography updates. Niran’s Viewer hit release 1.28 and Zen, with releases of these Viewers averaging at one per week. Cool VL moved to, and appears to have seen the removal of the experimental versions (none listed on the blog when checked today).  All others remain unchanged.

Changes since the last round-up shown in green.

SL Official Viewers

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V3.2-based TPVs

V1-based TPVs

This is intended to be a weekly round-up of current public SL viewers (of which I’m aware / for which I have information). As few Viewers are static, and releases are made according to individual development cycles, further versions of any given Viewer may well be released between these updates, and as such the information here may become out-of-date as the week progresses. Please check with the relevant download pages.

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