Daz offer free 3D software suites

Update February 6th: Vivienne Daguerre has an excellent article on using these programmes to create / edit content suitable for use in SL (and OpenSim, no doubt!).

Slightly off-topic for me – but those of you working in 3D or getting into it might like to know – assuming you don’t already – that Daz are giving away FREE versions of the following:

  • Daz Studio 4.0 Pro
  • Bryce 7.0 Pro
  • Hexagon 2.5

Together with a range of plug-ins and additional items. The three packages are offered full and unimpeded in terms of functionality, but on a limited-time offer basis. Versions for both the PC and Mac are on offer. Serial numbers are supplied via e-mail post-download / available via your account page. All told the three applications represent a saving of over $800 on the US retail prices.

To find out more, visit the Daz website. You’ll need to register for an account (no need to supply credit card details), and downloads are held on your Profile page for the specified offer period.

Daz software – free offer (daz3d.com)

My thanks to CS for pointing this out to me.

7 thoughts on “Daz offer free 3D software suites

  1. Daz is not really a 3D *creation* tool. You can use it to assemble already-made content and render a 3D scene or animation. Tons of content is available, for Daz and Poser…but this is where they getcha, buying figures and clothes and hair and…hey! It’s a lot like Second Life! Bryce is software for creating 3D landscapes to pose your Daz characters in.


  2. Yeah, and Daz’s stance is importing a model, however morphed and changed, into SL for sale is beyond the terms of their licensing. That said, before the free programs came along Poser and Daz both worked as means to create animations for SL, I do believe, so there is that.


  3. But with Hexagon 2.5 you can make :•Second Life Sculpted Primitives
    thats what the website say .


  4. Hexagon is a great little known gem of 3D modelling. I paid for it years ago, nice to see it go free though.

    The sculpting tools for it are not too intuitive. Kinda odd to work with and lack many of the tools found in other parts of Hexagon…

    Did not know Daz Studio did collada exporting. That essentially wraps up the debate for me over how to proceed with joining the mesh content makers. Blender can kiss my neko butt, I’m heading back to my Daz files.


  5. From the linked article:
    “Perhaps it is coincidental, or perhaps not, that 3D Magazine is offering the popular Victoria 5 model for free with its March 2012 issue. ”
    – With a screencap noting the $39,95 value.

    US folks know, 3D magazine for us costs almost that much anyway… but is harder to find and you usually get stuck with a beat up copy that was placed in the comic book rack by the staff and has somebody’s latte spilled in the pages…


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