Return to Fallingwater 4: the video

Note: The build has now been taken down from Eagle Acres. A “replacement” build is now available on a region of its own in Kitely

Well, I had to go and do it. Temptation got the better of me. After putting in all the effort on the build…and no-doubt causing many rolled eyes with my obsession, I managed to secure 1/4 of a homestead region for a week at a reasonable cost – just so I could try to fit the build together sort-of in-situ.

The result isn’t perfect – even with some adjustments to the build, a 1/4 sim in terms of land size is actually too small for all of it (it really does need an entire homestead size-wise. Primarily, I had to lose a parking bay in the garage (from 4 to 3) and reduce the size of the arc of the footpath linking guest wing to main house (which actually improves the build, I think).  I’ve also compromised a little on the positioning: as there are others on the sim, I didn’t want them to feel disturbed as part of the build suddenly appeared over the tops of the hills dividing the parcels and thinking they had some kind of pixel voyeur on their doorstep. I also had to do with phantom sculpts to represent the “far bank” of the Bear Run, and Linden Water is representing the stretch of river directly below the first set of falls. Sadly, compromises left me with no room for the rest…

Other than that, however, the house fitted fine… :), so I thought I’d share a little video and a couple of images:

(You might want to view it on the YouTube page given the way WordPress squishes things in this page layout.)

As the house is up until March 2nd, it can be seen at Eagle Acres Ranch (SLurl), if anyone is interested.

Fallingwater in-situ (sort-of). Perhaps a full Homestead. One day…
From the access bridge by night

(As an aside, I was asked the other day when I use stills rather than “pure” machinima. The answers are simple: I’ve not mastered camera manipulation to achieve the effects I want (no space navigator or anything like it), and when I’ve tried to run SL and capture video, I end up with something that is jumpier than a cat stoned on catnip…)

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