ISM: Alpha and Bravo back after snag

I reported recently on the status of the International Spaceflight Museum and the issues it has suffered of late – some of which are internal, others not so. However, tier due was raised, and the ISM team were planning on making a return with Spaceport Alpha and Spaceport Bravo.

At the weekend, Kat Lemieux received a message from Linden Lab stating that the account had been delinquent for so long, the ISM group would have to purchase new sims from Linden Lab.

The sims themselves went off-line in mid-January, with unpaid tier amounted to around $1180 (two sims at $295 for two months, presumably December and January). Since then, the ISM team have been working to get payments made following donations – and have experienced around two weeks in delays due to issues related to Paypal / LL.

The initial reaction to the news when made public was one of stunned disbelief, and for Kat and the team, a concern that the regions may have in fact been deleted with a loss of content.

While the tier had been in arrears for two months – the sims themselves had only been offline for a little over a month, so had the content been lost, this would have been a cruel blow.

BUT: during an e-mail exchange with Kat, I received this message:

The islands are back, with content!!!

Now we have to find out what are the conditions — is this a temporary restoration just to let us get the content, or are they back in the same terms as before? We’ll find out, and I’ll let you know when we do.

So – well done, Linden Lab!

As Kat’s e-mail states, there is still work to be done, but following a rapid-fire visit to Spaceport Alpha, things do appear to be back and in good condition.

Spaceport Alpha (centre front) and Spaceport Bravo (centre rear) back: 21st Feb, 19:00 SLT

Doubtless more to come as the situation becomes clearer.