Return to Fallingwater (1): Why I’m so quiet

Blogging-wise, I’ve been a little quiet over the last week. I haven’t gone away or given up, I’m just primarily focused on an in-world project where SL is concerned and not out there exploring my landmarks or trawling through forums, blogs, and the likes for news and info. However, things will pick up again!

The project itself is a return to an old theme of mine – Fallingwate. My first attempt at a build modelled after Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous house captured the look if not the spirit (so to speak and if I say so myself). Over the years it has been variously patched and re-patch with things like sculpts and mega prims, etc…but has for too longer looked rather shabby.

So I’m rebuilding it almost from the ground up. I’ll be blogging more on the project (if anyone is interested!) in the future… For now, however, a quick peek as the main house nears completion.

Fallingwater rebuild – main house & placeholder “landscaping”

The “grass” area at the back is purely a reference-board I used to denote for mark “ground level” around the area of the driveway and carport trellis. The rocks around the house and at the back also have yet to be properly textured and are more “placeholders” for marking how the land forms around the west tower and terrace of the house and are used at the rear of the property for the car port trellis and the bridge to the guest house.

The rear view: carport trellis and ground / rock placeholders.

I’ll take some better pictures once the house is nearer completion and I’ve got shadows, etc al, enabled!

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8 thoughts on “Return to Fallingwater (1): Why I’m so quiet

  1. I love that house; are you going to build the crazy flat arch at the back? The one that goes between the main house and the guest house! It certainly looks like it from the rear view picture.

    Please let us all know how it develops


    1. Yup… my plan is to include the guest house as well… and also add the falls and rock formations to the front under the south terrace


    1. heh… it’s not modest, let me tell you :).

      Just topped the 400 mark, but that includes the rocks, and some internal furnishings modelled from the original (notably the desk and book case from the hatch area, and a bench sea from the east window).

      The big add to things is doing the window frames…textures don’t work for me when it comes to capturing the elegance of the windows. While I’d not gone overboard with them, I’ve used sculpts to create more of a 3D look and feel than textures give.

      A big saving should be on completion; the build is specifically designed to take advantage of the convex hull form. This should reduce the core build’s Land Impact of 260-300 to around 130-150.


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