Return to Fallingwater 2: Progress

Note: this is a personal project only. The finished model is not intended for sale or profit in any way.

Some more snaps of the ongoing Fallingwater rebuild project, with some temporary landscaping added to the build platform for effect.

View from the bridge on approaching the house
The driveway at the back of the house
Carport trellis, rear of house, and stairs to guest house (top right)
View across the Great Room towards the fireplace – day
Same view – night
Fireplace and the real thing (insert: credit
West terrace
Looking into the main bedroom from the south terrace
Master bedroom (*not* modelled on the original!)
At night from the bridge

And if you’re wondering why no pictures from the more famous side of the house….it seemed a bit OTT to build waterfalls on the build platform for the sake of photos…so I haven’t (yet!).

Still to be done: a few more internal bits – units around the dinning area, perhaps, plus at some point I’m determined to tackle the guest house as well. The bridge over the rear drive is already in, as is the start of the path going up to the guest house…


Prim count to date:

  • Complete build (excluding “landscaping”): 424 prims
  • Main house structure: 272 (which can be reduced to a Land Impact of 136 using convex hull)
  • Remaining prims: scripted and sculpt elelments (doors, functioning windows, fountain water, sculpted window frames, scripted furniture, fires, lighting)

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