LL August blog update

Linden Lab today issued the second in their “monthly updates”, covering August. I’m still not sure I like this monthly approach to keeping us informed on things – particularly as most of the “news” is once again somewhat stale.

The new social aspects of web profiles get prominence in the update, unsurprisingly. I’ve nothing against the new system, but I do still wonder at how popular it will prove, compared to the likes (and convenience) of Twitter. I’ve used the Feed aspect a few times, but few of those on my Friends list appear especially captivated with the new toys.

The new-look Viewer 2 (2.8 onwards) log-in / splash screen gets a section as well. There are some things missing from this, as I’ve mentioned in my review of the new screen, and will be poking LL on the matter as well.

The new server-side controls that allow a region’s environment to be better controlled are also reviewed, as are the new privacy capabilities (“Hide Avatar”), which operate at parcel level. Passing mention is made on the work to improve payment methods, and mesh just about gets a look-in with the recent call for further Main grid volunteers.

There are also some shiny new avatars for those to choose from when signing-up to SL / creating additional accounts:

New Avatar choices (image courtesy of Linden Lab)

Personally, the one piece of news the update contained – and most welcome it is, concerns e-mails from LL:

If you’ve unsubscribed to optional news and promotional emails in the past, you can now resubscribe to emails by category. It’s important that you enter the email address that’s connected to your SL account. These subscription options don’t affect the emails you receive for transactions, instant messages from friends and/or customer service responses.

The ability to opt-out of specific e-mail categories from LL has long been a failing of the system, and something I’ve critiqued in the past; that we can now do so on a more granular level is most welcome, and kudos to LL for listening to those of us who have complained over this lack of flexibility in the past.

As a round-up, the blog post is not bad, as an “update” for the month of August its, frankly, disappointing, containing very little that users most likely aren’t already aware of.


Have any thoughts?

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