BURN2 gearing-up

Burn 2, formerly Burning Life, is now gearing-up for action, having just had its Community Day on August 5th.

Scheduled for the week of October 1st through 9th, this year’s event is themed as “Rites of Passage”, defined as “There are moments of crisis and frisson in our lives which inform us that we’ve somehow crossed an inner threshold and are changed. Thus moving from one state of being into an unknown other obliges us to face our innermost insecurities, and it requires faith, a willingness to leap off the ladder of ordered existence. Our theme this year invites participants to join with others in creating rites of passage.”

Burn 2 – originally Burning Life – commenced in 2003 as an in-world extension / interpretation of the annual Burning Man event, dedicated to “community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance”, and held each year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

Until 2010, the event was sponsored by Linden Lab, which also spawned a series of “afterburn” events that would be held throughout the year, including the 2004 Winter Expo and the 2010 Spring Fling.

This year, Burn 2 will, as a non-Linden sponsored event, be centred on two sims, Burning Man – Deep Hole and Burning Man – Silver Seed (SLurls), and the organisers are currently calling for help in a number of areas:

Full details of Burn 2 can be found at the Burn 2 website, and Chantal Harvey has produced a machinima to promote this year’s event:

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