Final countdown for SLCC 2011

This coming weekend will see SLCC 2011 takes place in Oakland, California. The event starts on Friday morning, and continues through to Sunday evening, and will feature in-world events as well and the actual conference event itself.

Keynote speakers for the event are:

  • Rik Panganiban – “We Built This City: Creating a Better World” 08:00 Saturday 13th

  • Rod Humble – “The Future of Second Life” 13:00 Saturday 13th
  • Aliza Sherman – “FutureMobileGeekyTech ~ Our Virtual Lives” 08:00 Sunday 14th

  • Sunday Linden Keynote panel: John Laurence (SL: Durian Linden), Senior Director, Consumer Product; Jeff Vogt (SL: Vogt Linden), Senior Director, Business Product; Sarah Kuehnle (SL: Esbee Linden), Senior Producer at Linden Lab responsible for Viewer optimisation; and Michael Gesner (SL: Gez Linden), Executive Producer, Consumer Product responsible for in-world experiences; moderator: Peter Gray (SL: Peter Linden), PR Manager at Linden Lab.

Keynote events will be interspersed with other events and breakouts, including features on Mesh and a look at the fascinating From Kansas to Cairo Project which is also the subject of an entry in this month’s Month of Machinima. There will also be screenings of the films, Deep Down‑A Story From the Heart of Coal Country and My Avatar & Me. As I reported recently, an in-world experience associated with Deep Down is currently nominated for an Emmy award. The full conference schedule details all that is on offer – all times SLT / PST, obviously.

For those unable to attend, events will be streamed (via ustream) both in-world (Slurl) and to the SLCC website, as Dirk McKeenan reports:



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