RFL 2012: Underway!

RFL of SL’s 2012 Relay Weekend has commenced. The sims are open, and the survivor / caregiver walk has set the stage for 24 hours of lapped themes around the track. The weekend kicked-off with a grand opening ceremony – which I have to confess to having to miss as I couldn’t get into the 4 regions where the ceremony was taking place – and will now run through until 10:00 SLT on Sunday 15th July, with track laps taking place at the start of almost every hour, and a host of events and activities taking place across the track regions.

From the visitor’s guide

If you are planning to walk the track, donate, and joy in events – and of course, you are planning to do just that! – make sure your first port-of-call is the welcome centre, where you can collect your pedometer and walk-and-talk attachments, as I mentioned last time around. Here to you can also get your RFL of 2012 Visitor’s Guide, which you can also view on-line.

Welcome centre

From here you can use the teleport system to randomly TP you to a point on the grid, or jump directly to one of the points of interest – the RFL blog has a list of events taking place at the various stages throughout today and tomorrow.

A look along the track

The weekend is liable to be popular, so please try to be as low-lag during your visit as possible and detach any / all unneeded attachments. Gift bags line the track itself, allowing you to drop your Lindens into them at any time, and you can of course opt to swing off the track at any time and enjoy any of the fabulous builds along the route before continuing on your way – the themed walks last an hour, which should provide a decent amount of time for admiring builds as well as for putting in your laps!

Given this year’s theme is Time for a Cure, many of the builds feature time and clocks within them – often in the most imaginative of ways. All the builds offer something special and are worth a visit in their own right, and really are worth visiting and exploring – and give you ample time to join in for a lap or two!

I’m hoping to join-in for at least two of the themed laps over the course of the weekend – I have my costumes at the ready – and look forward to see you there as well :).

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2 thoughts on “RFL 2012: Underway!

  1. This was the first year I participated in RFL, and by no means the last one! I was on the Survivor/Caregiver lap (caregiver) and walked some 70km in all (possibly more, my pedo backed up a few times when I crashed). I spent the Luminaria ceremony hour from 9 until 10 last night kneeling by Luminaria’s dedicated to my Grandmother and Grandfather, dripping tears the whole hour.

    The music and the messages of hope and strength and dedication on the stream all through the event were wonderful. I wish I’d been able to keep my eyes open the whole night, but I ended up missing about six hours out of the whole 24. Next year… I’ll be on the track every single moment from beginning to end.


    1. I confess, and sadly so, that I didn’t get nearly the number of laps in as I intended Saturday or Sunday. Part of this was rl, part of is was SL being mean (repeated crashes). It’s good that the regions will be remaining open for a while as it does give those who were unable to participate over the weekend due to rl commitments, etc., to also walk some laps of their own as well.


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