SL Christmas Expo – supporting RFL SL

The 2012 SL Christmas Expo is underway. While the official Relay For Life Second Life 2012 events season is officially closed, the Expo is in support of RFL SL, and is being held on five sims adjacent to that of the American Cancer Society.

The Expo, which runs through until December 19th, brings together merchants and entertainers from across the grid to help us prepare for the holiday season and get in the mood for Christmas as the New Year, and features a number of special events and activities.

Race for the Bells - all proceeds to RFL
Race for the Bells – all proceeds to RFL

In terms of the latter, the Expo is the starting point for the 2012 Race for the Bells. This is a unique “marathon” “run” across 25 regions in Second Life. On offer is a first prize of L$10,000 for the person who can complete the course in the fastest time – and locate the 25 silver bells in the process. The marathon is open to all, and can be run as many times as you like. The is an entrance fee of L$100 per run – with all proceeds going to RFL. To start, use the teleport above and then click on the TOP sign at the start point and pay the entrance fee (click the BOTTOM sign if you are re-running!). The  hint for locating the first bell will be delivered, and you are off! Each bell you find will give you a hint as to where the next can be found. The race will be open through until December 19th.

Proceeds from the Expo raffle, featuring some unique prizes, will similarly be donated directly to RFL. Tickets cost L$100 or three for L$250. Keep an eye on the Expo’s blog as well, for details of upcoming silent auctions.

SL Christmas Expo 2012: come shop 'til you drop!
SL Christmas Expo 2012: come shop ’til you drop!

The Expo will also play host to the 2012 Avi Choice awards at a black tie formal event to be held at the Expo’s auditorium on December 14th. The event commences at 18:00 SLT on the 14th, and will be fronted by Traderi Whiplash and Nuala Maracas and feature Saffia Widdershins, Elrik Merlin, Zander Greene and Aisling Sinclair with a host of entertainers.

The Expo park
The Expo park

Entertainment at the event will take place daily, and feature some of SL’s top musicians, dancers and DJs. The full schedule is available on the Expo website.

The five regions of the Expo feature an urban layout of broad streets lined either side with stores which encourages a feeling of being out Christmas shopping. Christmas trees stand at many street intersections, snow lies piled about, and there are a number of open areas where the foot-weary can sit and take to load off for a few minutes, including the central park area.

Each Xmas Expo shopkeeper has donated two items and set them for sale in a special Relay for Life vendor. Proceeds of all sales from these vendors will go directly to RFL – so look out for them as you wander, explore and shop.

The RFL Xmas CD

On offer at the Expo, and available in-world only through until the New Year, is the Christmas Holiday CD, which features some of Second Life’s best performers, who have donated their time and their voices to a very special recording.

The RFL Xmas CD
The Christmas Holiday CD

Coordinated and arranged by Liz Harley and produced by Joe Silverstar, the CD is available for L$500 which goes directly to RFL. It can be purchased from a number of special RFL vendors located at the Holiday Park and in the Auditorium on sims: Xmas Expo 1, Xmas Expo 2, Xmas Expo 3,  and Xmas Expo 4. Each copy includes an in-world CD and a link for downloading track MP3s outside of SL.

SL Christmas Expo 2012, giving support a worthy cause
SL Christmas Expo 2012, giving support a worthy cause