A return to Green Acres in Second Life

Green Acres, August 2022 – click any image for full size

Back in March 2019, I dropped into Green Acres, a Homestead region designed by Alsatian Kidd with assistance from Iniquity Constantine. At the time, the setting presented a slice of rural Americana in a very photogenic setting, one I enjoyed exploring and photographing (see A Trip to Green Acres in Second Life).

Three years is a long time in Second Life; it’s a period sufficiently long enough that it can see many changes take place. This is certainly true with Green Acres; much has changed, making a re-visit (as suggested to me by several people over the last couple of weeks) very worthwhile; although at the same time, the changes are such that they show a natural progression for the setting in its rural appeal, rather than a complete revolution in its style and sense of place – a fact that makes a revisit even more appealing.

Green Acres, August 2022
Green Acres provides the three R’s. Rustic. Rural. Retreat. This adult-themed region has open vistas providing opportunities for photography, horseback riding, and hanging out. Explore the farm with livestock, crops and a farmers market.

– Green Ares About Land Description

The land retains its split between rugged grassy uplands and equally green lowlands. The former run from the south-east corner of the region and point their way inland and northwards. Nestled to the east of them sits the landing point, located between a copse of trees and the main path which runs around most of the island.

Green Acres, August 2022

The path partners with a stream originated the foot of falls which drop from the inner highlands, the two running north before parting way once more, the stream turning to follow the foot of the hills and then joining a broader river flowing along their west side, the path continuing to run close to the coastline as it also turns westwards.

Go south along the path and it steps its way up onto the feet of the hills, offering a climb up wooden steps up to the hilltops and the large pond nestled there, reaching the water by way of the deck and cabin facing it – the cabin being a public space. For those who prefer, the point at which the steps commence also offers a grassy climb up to the spine of the hills.

Green Acres, August 2022

Westwards, the land is largely flat or low-lying compared to the hilly east. The majority of it is separated from the hills by a rocky escarpment and a river which flows north from a broad lake at the foot of the cliffs. This land is home to the Green Acres farm, the farmhouse set back overlooking the west coastline, the farm’s outbuildings – barns, farm produce store and greenhouse – all scattered around, set between fenced meadows where livestock and horses graze, and  where crops grow.

A point to note here is that while the farm’s outbuildings are available to the public, the farmhouse itself is a private residence, so please keep that in mind when visiting.

Green Acres, August 2022
There is no direct route over the hills from the landing point to the farm; if you want a safe way to go from one to the other, it have to be by following the footpath north and then west. This brings visitors to Sahar Point, occupying the north-west corner of the region, and Constantine Harbour.

This is marked by a broad, dune-waved beach nestled in a small cove watched over by a lighthouse sitting between it and the river estuary that forms the waterfront for the harbour, the wharf and harbour buildings the home to a seafood market. A stout bridge spans the neck of the river just before it broadens into the estuary, presenting a crossing-point to reach the farm.

Green Acres, August 2022

Rich in places to sit – just check the annotated map at the landing point -, with wildlife waiting to be found throughout and finished in a fitting soundscape, Green Acres remains a beautifully photogenic visit.

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