A summer break at Bella’s Lullaby in Second Life

Bella’s Lullaby, August 2022 – click any image for full size

I was off to Bella’s Lullaby (now at a new in-world location) once again to see how Bella (BellaSwan Blackheart) has dressed her Homestead region for the 2022 summer months.

Bella’s Lullaby is a place were nature breathes. Wander among flowers and animals and find your inner peace. Also there are plenty photogenic spots, perfect for those who love to have lots of nature and colours in their pictures.

– Bella’s Lullaby About Land description

Bella’s Lullaby, August 2022

As with previous builds, the August 2022 iteration of the region presents a relaxed, rural visit which is tranquil in both tone and look, surrounded by offshore island and under a rich blue sky. From the landing point sitting within a stone-built gazebo on the southern edge of the region, the landscape stretches northwards as a flat island with a largely shingle coastline and two smaller, and likely tidal, islands abutting it, one the the home of a windmill and the other the local lighthouse.

The general tone of the island is suggestive of a vacation retreat that is now well beyond its heyday, the handful of buildings and small structures scattered across the island looking as though they could could do with some TLC – with one exception: a recently-sold prefab home overlooking the setting’s large pond.

Bella’s Lullaby, August 2022

This is such an easy setting to explore, from the waterside café just a short walk from the landing point to the northern extremes of the island that describing it is to spoil the experience of wandering and seeing for yourself the level of detail Bella has (again) brought to her work. From the local birds and wildlife through the the flowers, cabins and caravans to the central run-down trailer home, this is a place awash with little touches that make ideal for the keen-eyed explorer and a haven for the Second Life photographer.

Bella’s Lullaby, August 2022

Nor is that all. Scattered through the setting – close to the buildings, out long the trails, on the shingles of the coastline and even over the waters, are multiple places to set and relax, either on your own or with someone close to you. the local soundscape adding to the sense of peace and restfulness.

This being the case, I’m not gone to drone on any further here. Instead, I’ll leave you with a couple of further images and encourage you to hop along and take a look for yourself.

Bella’s Lullaby, August 2022
Bella’s Lullaby, August 2022

With thanks to MorganaCarter and Shawn Shakespeare for the pointers. 

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