A walk on the Wild Branch side in Second Life

Wild Branch Brewing Co, August 2022 – click any image for full size

Once again I followed Shawn Shakespeare’s lead and headed for a location which has been on my “to visit” list given it has often popped up in my searches of the Destination Guide, but which I had not got around to hopping over to. That place is the Wild Branch Brewing Co.

Nestled in a secluded area of Riverbook, scattered with lush shrubbery & green foliage, the Wild Branch Brewing Co. is a first of it’s kind craft beer brewery experience in Second Life.
Immerse yourself in rustic tranquillity with luxury amenities for the perfect nature getaway.
It’s your time to be adventurous, be secluded, be daring, be free – our retreat lets you do all of that and more. Come visit us to unwind.

– Wild Branch Brewing Co,  region holder Lexy Nexen

Wild Branch Brewing Co, August 2022

Occupying a Homestead region held by Lexy Nexen, with a design by KaidenTray, this is a richly wooded region, rugged in nature and cut into by water, offering a mix of public spaces and short-term rental spaces suitable for the Second Life “vacationer”.

The landing point is located on the east side of the setting, tucked between the pub with its micro-brewery and a cosy art gallery which at the time of my visit featured a modest display of Second Life focused art by Jennifer Steele.

Wild Branch Brewing Co, August 2022

The pub – based on the superb Kierna Ranch design by Cory Edo (a design I’ve been eyeing for potential use on Myvatn – maybe, someday!). sees the large deck of the default build turn into an open-air music and seating area, the pool neatly converted into the dance floor overlooking the inlet cutting into the region’s heart.

A north-south footpath runs through the landing point and between the pub and the gallery; To the south, it descends to where a finger of an island points westwards, home to a second, outdoor bar, again with its own DJ space. To reach this, on crossing the channel of water separating the main island from the smaller, the path turns past one of the short-term rentals on the region, a small cabin sitting on a deck built out over the water. Beyond the bar, the path continues to where a kayak rezzer sits on the water for those fancying a paddle around the waters of the region.

Wild Branch Brewing Co, August 2022

Northwards, the path doglegs to run along the coast, passing a fenced-off campsite (also available for short-term rent) and a corner rental cabin before turning west to reach further rental cabins clustered either side of a waterfall and pool. A further pool of water sits between the pub and the camp site. Offered as a possible swimming hole fed by another waterfall, this is also a haven for local wildfowl.

The inlet cutting to the heart of the region offers 7-seas fishing and also, at its south-western headland, a further rental property, a substantial 2-storey cabin offering more space and seclusion than the other rentals on the region. Both fishing and cabin are best reached via the kayak mentioned above, although obviously, be aware the cabin might be rented already, and so privacy might be expected. The eagle-eyed might also spot paddleboard rezzer on the shingles of the inlet, whilst another rezzer alongside the 7-seas fishing presents floats for those who fancy cooling down while splashing around in the waters of the inlet.

Wild Branch Brewing Co, August 2022

Surprisingly devoid of an accompanying soundscape – outside of the cracking of a fire in the campsite -, which does leave the setting a little less immersive than might otherwise be the case (no birdsong in the trees? no rumble or splash of water tumbling from vertical or stepped falls?), Wild Branch Brewing Co., is still nevertheless highly photogenic and an attractive visit.

(Note, these is a region surround present that might not be obviously reflected in the photos here; this is because my viewer decided it did not want to fully render the entire surround, so rather than having chunks of it “missing” and random lines crossing through the sky, I opted to de-render the surround.)

Wild Branch Brewing Co, August 2022

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  1. What a really cool and unique SL destination! It kind of reminds me of Ellingson National Forest, but obviously much larger with more going on.


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