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The last full week of January 2022 saw Second Life experience a number of hiccups that causes no small amount of gnashing of teeth and rumblings from those of us affected.

With April Linden now departed, I wondered if we’d get any formal notification as to what what wrong – and on Monday January 31st, we indeed did, when the Lab blogged Recent Outages.

In short:

  • The week-long, if intermittent (for some) inventory issues: appear to have boiled down to an infrastructure overload, with an initial fix put in place followed by a back-end deployment it is hoped will prevent any recurrence.
  • The SLS Main channel restart freeze: for around 40% of the grid: a change in the simulator restart code resulted in some 12,000 simulators on the main grid attempting to re-start simultaneously, overloading the system, with many then hanging mid-restart. Steps have been taken to prevent this happening again.
  • Wednesday January 26th roll-out / rollback: an attempt to deploy (and then rollback) tools intended to help gather information on group chat performance hit problems, resulting in issues with login, group chat, and presence information, requiring Operations to intervene and crank the rollback.

The official post isn’t quite to April’s level of detail although it is chattier than the above, and provides all the info for who may need further info should it be required. 🙂 .

2 thoughts on “Lab blogs on recent SL issues

  1. Thank you Linden Lab for letting us know — two-way feedback like this is how a relationship between platform and users should be. Keeping quiet is the worst thing. Keep this practical level of transparency going.


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