Tresore’s Impressions in Second Life

Raging Graphix Gallery: Tresore

Now open as the end-of-year exhibit at Raging Graphix Gallery, curated by Raging Bellls, is Impressions, a selection of pieces by Tresore Prada Hawkins (Tresore).

I first became familiar with Tresore’s images through her involvement in the Phoenix Artists Collaboration, and admit to being attracted to her work, which mixes both landscape pieces and avatar studies – the latter in particular always framing a narrative or message.

Presenting some seventeen images, Impressions follows through on its title in a number of ways,all of which combine to capture and hold the observer’s attention. First, they are obviously statements of the impression Second Life has on Tresore as both an observer of the virtual world and as an artist; they allow us to see the things that have attracted her eye and caused her to create a memory of them. Secondly, they allow her to offer a story for any of the given scenes she has captured, either directly through the image itself or through the suggestive nudge of the title to a piece; so they might be said  to offer us an impression of both setting and the artist as a storyteller

Raging Graphix Gallery: Tresore

On a third level, they offer us an impression of how Tresore views the changing seasons of the year, with the selection of pieces, whether through their depth of colour or through other hints, offering us glimpses of summer, autumn (and harvest) and – most notably – winter (and the holiday season). Finally, and most importantly, there is within each an every piece, an impression of mood / emotion / feeling that reaches out to make each of us not just a witness to Tresore’s art, but also a part of the story waiting to be found within each image.

I say “most importantly”, because while many photographers are taken by a scene, finding its evocative nature as a door to them framing a narrative or to presenting a mood or feeling within a stated pose  / presentation, Tresore is one who starts with the idea of what she’d like to say, and work from there, as she explains:

I have found in SL photography a perfect outlet, as it allows to create from scratch what I want to say. I can take up to one week to create one of my pictures. I carefully research the clothing, colours I want to use, objects, scenario, pose.  I Search for the region that suits it best and the light that will create the feeling I am looking for. There is quite a great deal of love, work and time behind each of my images.

Tresore Prada on her art

Raging Graphix Gallery: Tresore

This again gives her images an added depth, further attracting our eye and mind to each piece, and adding an additional attraction to any visit to Impressions.

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