Pandemonium and Perspectives in Second Life

Attention Gallery – Jon Wyck

The September exhibition at Attention Gallery, owned, managed and curated by Isle Biedermann and Mirabelle Sweetwater (Biedermann), opened on Saturday, September 5th. It offers a double-header of an exhibition, displaying the art of Jon Wyck and Deckhard Neox  in what are two somewhat contrasting exhibitions in terms of their respective themes, which can perhaps best be described as “light” and “dark”.

With Perspectives of light and Life, Jon Wyck presents ten images that offer a mix of landscapes and avatar studies, each neatly reflective of its title. Each is intriguing in its representation of light, be it Moonlight over a shadowed tower, sunlight filters through drapes that adds warmth to a sculpture, the metronomic sweep of a lighthouse lamp caught in mid-rotation, the curtain of light created by the skyscrapers of a city backdrop, or use of colour throughout an image as a whole.

Attention Gallery – Jon Wyck

At the same time, and as the title of the selection indicates, each of the images in this selection offers a comment on life, from the desire for an island retreat to the thrill of living on the edge trying to control a powerful machine, going by way of reflections on art, mysticism and and beauty of nature around us.

With October and Halloween once again approaching, Deckhard Neox offers a trip into the darker side of life with his ten pieces, as he explains in his introductory notes:

PANDEMONIUM is my small gift to horror genre in film and literature, genre that I loved and feared since my early childhood. Emotions, either beautiful, uplifting, inspiring or in this case terrifying make us human and thus curious, enchanted and alive, forever searching for mysteries of life … and death.

– Deckhard Neox

Attention Gallery: Deckhard Neox

The result is a series of images that celebrate all that we tend to bring to mind when we consider in the silver screen’s (and television’s) delight in thrilling  / scaring us: werewolves, vampires, knife-wielding and masked maniacs, balloon-carrying clowns, the threat of shadows moving in the darkness and more.

These are – in a literal sense as much as thematically – dark images (so much so, I admit to finding myself wishing they were perhaps presented in a larger format just to bring more of their details to the fore). Each evokes a sense of atmosphere whilst also playing due homage to the film it is intended to evoke, sometimes clearly – as with The Well (The RingHalloween (Halloween), They All Float (It – film and mini series), etc. Others are more subtle – such as Ave Satani (The Omen – which also carries a hint of a certain “hell hound” from Holmesian mythology that has oft been played for horror).

Attention Gallery: Deckhard Gallery

Two small but engaging displays that will be available through until the end of the month, I believe.

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