The landscapes of Second Life

L’autre Oeil: Anouk LeFarve

Now open at L’autre Oeil (“The Other Eye) Gallery, owned and curated by Blaize Nightfire, is the gallery’s September 2020 exhibition entitled Landscapes. This is an ensemble exhibition featuring the work of Sandi Benelli, Charly Keating, Anouk Lefavre, Michael Lysios, Loegan Magic and Charlie Namiboo, who between them are some of Second life’s foremost landscape photographers / artists.

The gallery opened in June 2020, and was founded with a specific focus of promoting the work of artists to others in the Second Life arts community – although that doesn’t prevent admirers of the arts from visiting and appreciating the art on offer.

L’autre Oeil is a gallery for artists who love other artists. To be seen with the other eye, observers who appreciate a different perspective on the world around us.

– Blaize Nightfire, describing L’autre Oeil’s mission


For this exhibition –  my first visit to the gallery (and certainly not my last) – each artist is displaying three pieces of their work, some of which might easily be seen as story-telling triptych of images. Take Charlie Namiboo’s set, for example, the two outer images of plainslands neatly framing the black and white images of a river in what might be a tale of three parts, the two colour images supporting the centre image.

L’autre Oeil: Charlie Namiboo

Although the title of the exhibition is Landscapes, some of the artists have cast their net a little wider. Loegan Magic, for example, offers a richly evocative rooftop scene that is exquisitely composed, predominantly in black a white, but with a wall painting of John Lennon offered in colour, staring from the the lower part of the image in a haunting capture that carries echoes of Imagine in  Lennon’s eyes, and also a hint of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Dr. T.J Ekleburg from the Great Gatsby. Similarly, Michael Lysios presents an oriental street scene, whilst Sandi Beneli uses SL landscapes and coastal scenes as a means to frame broader narratives on life and living – from flying a kite to the promise of a car trip. All of these images present additional depth to what is a captivating exhibition.

L’autre Oeil: Blaize Nightfire

Tucked away in the exhibition are three images by Blaize himself, who demonstrates he is no slouch with the camera, offering three images of his own that are as evocative as any of the others in these exhibition.

An attractive ensemble exhibition, well worth dropping by to see.

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