A cosy coffee lounge in Second Life

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020 – click on an image for full size

Sitting just off the east coast of Nautilus and at the western each of the clustered private islands to be found there, sits the Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar, the creation of Franz Markstein. Occupying a quarter of a Homestead region, it is an attractive setting, accessible by both teleport and by air / water.

West-facing, the bar sits above a strip of beach amidst tropical greenery. High-ceilinged and with a small mezzanine, it has a light, airy look and feel, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows along the west side of the bar, while the mezzanine offers a more cosy retreat and seating area. Vines and greenery help to both break up the interior walls and also to give the bar a sense of oneness with the surrounding greenery.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

To the side of the main bar are three further rooms that sit as a smaller, cosy lounge, a little music room / gallery space and a library / study. They offer little getaways within the bar’s own sense of getaway.  For those who prefer an outdoor setting, there is both the beach and, between it and the bar, an overgrown but still comfortable garden, a bubbling brook tumbling down the rocks to one side and across the beach to the sea.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

Littered by the wrecks and ruins of boats, the beach offers several places to sit, from a look-out tower to deck chairs, all open to the sound of the surf washing up over the sands. At the north end of the beach and tucked below the rocks that hold up the bar, is a long wharf.

With auto return set to zero, this offers those coming by boat or float plane the opportunity to come alongside, enjoy the bar and its modest surroundings without the fear of their boat going poof and leaving them without the means to resume their water journey. A small fishing boat is moored at the wharf, but it still leaves plenty of room for others to come alongside, so long as they are not ridiculously big.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

One of the things that makes this bar particularly attractive to me is the manner in which it has been marvellously kitbashed by Franz, using a Funatik building as its base. This gives it an entirely unique styling and look that suits its location admirably, while the overall décor has clearly been considered to give the bar its sense of warmth despite its size.

Whether you arrive by teleport, boat or float plane, the Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar is a richly detailed delight to visit.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

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