2020 Raglan Shire Artwalk: call to artists

Raglan Shire Artwalk 2019

The Raglan Shire Artwalk is one of the staples of the SL art calendar, and for 2020 the 15th Artwalk will take place between Sunday, May 17th and Sunday, June 21st, inclusive.

A popular event among artists and residents, the Artwalk can see over 150 artists displaying their work – 2D and 3D – across the regions of Raglan Shire. All the displays are open-air, with 2D art is displayed on hedgerows in and around the regions, offering visitors the chance to view pieces as they explore the Shire, while sculptures and 3D art is displayed in a number of designated areas across the regions.

Those wishing to exhibit their work at the 2020 Artwalk are invited to review the requirements for entry and follow the link from there to the registration form. Applications for participation must be received by the organisers no later than Sunday, May 10th, 21:00 SLT.

Key points about the exhibition are:

  • The event is a non-juried show.
  • Artists can display more than one piece if they wish.
    • 2D (“flat” art pieces will be awarded a maximum of 15 LI, and individual pictures should be 1 prim, including the frame.
    • 3D art (sculptures, etc.), will be awarded a maximum of 500 LI for up to three pieces of work. Artists are requested to state the LI per piece in their application.
    • Sales of art are allowed.
  • Types of art supported by the show are: representations of RL photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and digital fine art that can be displayed on a prim;  and SL photography, manipulated SL photography and SL sculpture.
  • Pictures of RL crafts, such as beadwork, leatherwork, etc., are not part of the show’s  definition
  • All the above art forms are welcome, but should be rated PG / G – so no nudity, please!
  • Group membership will be required in order to display work
  • Questions and enquiries should be forwarded via note card to Artwalk Director Karmagirl Avro, or Artwalk Assistants Kayak Kuu, Linn Darkwatch, maggi696 or RaglanShireArtwalk Resident.
Raglan Shire Artwalk 2019

Event Dates

  • Sunday, May 10th: applications close at 21:00 SLT.
  • Tuesday, May 12th: Notification of exhibit space location issued to 3D artists.
  • Friday, May 15th (after 09:00 SLT) and Saturday May 16th: Artist set-up days.
  • Sunday, May 17th: Artwalk Opens.
  • Sunday, June 21st: Artwalk closes.
  • Sunday, June 21st (after 18:00 SLT) through Tuesday, June 22nd: Takedown of works.

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