A beguiling gallery and garden in Second Life

The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio, May 2020 – click any image for full size

Occupying a Full mainland region, The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio has been designed by Jilla Lamar as a place for photography, art and romance for visitors. It’s a setting packed with detail – which can admittedly make it heavy going for a viewer with all the bells and whistles enabled, but providing care is taken, it is a place that offers a lot that really shouldn’t be missed.

From the gazebo landing point towards the south, a number of paths offers multiple routes through the region, which is set out as a garden in the rich colours of spring, summer and autumn. Pointing due west, one of these paths leads to The Beguiled Art Gallery, an imposing building with multiple levels that is home to 2D art by Jilla, together with (at the time of our visit) Skye Donardson and Fury Harbinger.

The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio, May 2020

Split into multiple spaces both vertically and horizontally, the gallery also includes 3D works by Mistero Hifeng, SpotCat, St0rmyN1ght and others, together with spaces to sit and relax throughout. All of this makes the gallery a warm, cosy place in which to spend time and admire the art on display.

To the east, on the far side of the landing point sits the imposing form of a deco-styled building that is home to as series of photography sets available for use by anyone visiting them. Compact in size, these include indoor and outdoor settings, all individually lit. Rezzing is open, so visitors are welcome to rez their own props and pose systems – but are asked to make sure they clear their pieces up afterwards.

The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio, May 2020

These opportunities extend to the gardens as a whole, which might best be described as a series of vignettes joined by a common landscape rich in flowers, trees in bloom or turning gold in readiness for autumn. A place through which paths curl and flow, and sheep and deer, and rabbits and butterflies, all roam or flutter while puppies play and windmills turn. Throughout are places to sit, places to discover – and plenty of 3D art to find.

Literally wherever you roam through these gardens there is something to surprise and engage, from the piano amidst those butterflies, to a “garden” of Cica Ghost’s Dreamers, to statues by the likes of Kadaj Yoshikawa, Zun Sahara, Mistero Hifeng, Lossip Delicioso and others. Outcrops provide raised areas of relief reached by ladders and on which yet more vignettes to be appreciated.

The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio, May 2020

To the north, the land naturally rises to a hilltop overlooking the rest of the gardens. This is home to a crystal palace offering the opportunity for romance, dance and rest. It is watched over by an impressive water tower that has been converted into a table games room – just take the teleport up to the top. Circling the slopes leading up to this tower is a garden-backed blue whale swimming in small circles through the sky.

Follow the path along the front of the crystal palace, and there is more to be discovered: gardens with summer houses, havens of flowers and seats surrounded by arched walls, the paths lined by carefully planted crystals. Elsewhere across the region can be found caves, camp sites, a dance gazebo for, waterside rests and tree-lined avenues.

The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio, May 2020

Lit by an windlight suggestive of a summer’s day,The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio also works under a range of other settings to offer an environment ideal for photography as well as exploration. Separated from the surrounding regions on three sides by natural borders of tree images, and on the fourth by the rise in land, the Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio makes for an enchanted, calming haven of art and nature.

A recommended visit for patrons of art, photographers and SL travellers like.

The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio, May 2020

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