Second Norway & Sailor’s Cove East: rumours & statements

Second Norway, March 2020

Update, April 27th: Second Norway is now under the management of Luxory Estates, read more in Second Norway: the future is bright.

Update, April 2nd: Ey Ren, founder of Second Norway, has created a website to keep people appraised of the situation. For the latest news and updates, please go to: Bad Elf Blog, or see my update.

Update, March 26th: Speaking at the VWBPE Conference Above the Book session, Patch linden commented on the SN / SCE estates situation saying:

Region owners are absolutely encouraged to approach my support team, if you find yourself in a situation of difficulty because of what’s going on.

And specifically for Second Norway, we are working with Ey on that situation, and actually, I think we’re going to see a really good outcome there.

Patch’s comment can be heard at the 1:11:16 point in the session video, and a summary of the session itself can be found here: VWBPE 2020: Above the Book with Ebbe and Patch – summary.


There have been several rumours that the estates of Second Norway and Sailor’s Cove East are closing, with one of the reasons being given as “high vacancy rates”.

Both estates are operated by Ey Ren and Mialinn Telling, and form an important part of the environment connected to Blake Sea, offering private homes to many as well as open waters and skies for the Second Life boating / sailing communities and the aviation community.

Currently, as far as I’ve been able to ascertain, the precise future of both estates is unclear. The only official statement on the matter has been posted on Mialinn’s Second Life profile:

I am sorry to inform that due to year of deficit and the current corona crisis, job loss and failing krone exchange rate, Ey Ren are no longer able to keep the ship afloat. LL has closed his account. Ey has contacted LL and the other owners of Blake Sea in hopes of reaching an agreement for further existence of SN and SCE. Unfortunately, I have no more information at this time.

I’ve reached out to Mialinn in the hopes of learning more – if there is indeed further news to be had at this point – and if I do hear back, I will provide an update.


10 thoughts on “Second Norway & Sailor’s Cove East: rumours & statements

  1. Thanks for this, Inara – I rent a cute little island in Sailor’s Coast East and have done for 5 1/2 years. It’s a lovely area – huge – apparently 46 sims – and it would be such a shame and very sad if it were to close. There is no set date at the moment for it to go offline and so owners and renters have no idea when/if they need to take back their stuff or find somewhere new. I’ll follow this blog for updates 🙂


  2. It will be a sad day when Second Norway vanishes, but it was in need of upgrading desperately due to the high number of older prim structures on the sims. Perhaps Linden will turn Second Norway into a Linden residential park, but I doubt that is likely. Being a pilot, I will miss SNO airport since it was one of the few on-water airports set up to deal with seaplanes in a realistic manner. I’ll miss the roads too, since they were always a fun drive for me.
    Ah well, Life goes on, even in Second Life. We’ll get by.


  3. It would be sad to see these estates disappear. Having once lived at Landet, I like to return to visit and have enjoyed a holiday staying in a motel. I first learned of this through someone who told me that it was official SN was closing, so they were now looking for somewhere new to live.


    1. Hard to say what is official, beyond what has been posted on Mialinn’s profile; word-of-mouth is always difficult to judge, and as far as I’m aware, the SN website vanished a good while ago. Will keep an eye out for news, tho.

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  4. When I first discovered the original Second Norway 10 years ago or so I fell in love with the cobblestone streets and the original town etc and lived there on almost every sim at one time or another. To be blunt and honest though it lost all it’s charm when the big, damn airport and trains moved in causing horrific lag and the sims to be remodeled. They took away the quaint cobblestone roads and put in ugly highway asphalt roads and moved the town all to bow to the all might ugly airport. I moved away and still visited from time to time and saw again and again empty plots of land where folks had been living for years. Empty land everywhere and so I knew this day would come. Maybe for the best to close but not until I do an extensive visit by foot and by kayak just one more time……:-(


    1. As an explorer / sailor aviator, I didn’t mind the arrival of the original airport – back when it was just two regions. But I agree, the huge expansion of the airport did – for me – take away more than it gave, including one of the great causeway roads where you could drive with water on either side then climb up into hills at the northern end and find cottages nestled, before turn west and a little south to come after a time to the old marina with its three great sword sculptures and nearby parkland / open spaces.


  5. I actually DO NOT like to read such news as I have been enjoying sailing through the area, but as someone said, life goes on!
    Thanks for reporting, Inara 🙂


  6. What a shame to see this possibly disappearing. I have often enjoyed a ride my bike through SN, and it was one that just seemed like it would always be there. Hopefully they can come to some agreement with the Lab. Turbulent times ahead for us all unfortunately.


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