Second Norway and Sailor’s Cove East – status update

Second Norway, March 2020

Update, April 27th: Second Norway is now under the management of Luxory Estates, read more in Second Norway: the future is bright.

I recently reported (with updates) on the situation with Second Norway and Sailors Cove East (SCE), both of which were facing possible closure due to physical world issues, including the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic – see: Second Norway & Sailor’s Cove East: rumours & statements.

On Friday, April 3rd, Ey Ren, founder of Second Norway contacted me to request that people wishing to keep up-to-date with developments on both estates refer to his Bad Elf Blog, and I’m only too happy to point those concerned about the situation to that blog.

In particular, Ey has posted three updates, all dated April third, and summarised below:

24 SCE regions to Transfer Ownership

A transfer ticket for 24 of the 45 Sailor’s Cove East regions has been submitted today. Original co-founder of Sailor’s Cove, Patrick Leavitt, has stepped up to ensure that over half of the estate continues to exist.

See Ey’s full blog post on this topic, which includes a list of the affected regions.

Ey is Still Working to Secure a Future for Second Norway and the Rest of SCE

As per the notice presented by Mialinn Telling in her profile (again, see: Second Norway & Sailor’s Cove East: rumours & statements), Ey is seeking to secure a viable future for the estates and the regions within them. In particular he notes:

  • Outside of the SCE regions that will be transferred to Patrick mentioned above, there should be no significant changes to either estate before May 2020. In particular:
    • No regions should be taken off-line in April 2020.
    • Rental payments are suspended until such time as the future of the regions within each estate is determined and / or regions are transferred to new ownership (at which point rental agreements will need to be entered into with any new owners).
  • Ey is actively engaged in seeking new ownership to secure the future of as many regions as possible, and investigating the means to finance those regions which cannot be transferred to new owners. However, due to his personal situation, it is possible that some regions that cannot be transferred to new ownership could eventually be removed from the grid.
  • He also wishes to extend thanks to Linden Lab for all they have done in expediting the unlocking of his account and in providing leeway for him to seek alternative arrangements to try to save as much as possible of both of these estates.

For full details on all of the above points please refer to Ey’s posts All Good Things Must Come to an End and No Tier Payments Until Changes are Made.


Again, if you are a tenant of Second Norway or SCE, or wish to be kept appraised of the situation directly be Ey, please make sure you bookmark or subscribe to his blog.