Exploring Witch’s Rock in Second Life

Witch’s Rock Costa Rica, January 2020 – click any image for full size

Note:  Witch’s Rock has relocated.

Alsatian Kidd recently pointed us in the direction of the Homestead region of Witch’s Rock Costa Rica, the work of VW Sands and JT Castanea.

Apparently inspired by Roca Bruja or Witch’s Rock, on the west coast of Costa Rica, the region offers, like that location, the opportunity for surfing in a broad bay backed by high hills of rich green, the foreshore area presenting a mix of beach, hill walks and places to relax.

Witch’s Rock, Costa Rica, January 2020

The landing point is located in a deep valley to the south-east of the region, tucked neatly between the hills of the region and the hills of the off-sim surround, a curtain of trees dividing the two. It’s a neat location in which to arrive: the rest of the region’s offerings are neatly hidden from view and, while there is a place to sit and relax close to hand, a sign beckons arrivals to climb a set of stone steps cutting through a cleft in the hills. This leads to a path that quickly forks, a group of signs suggesting possible routes to take.

Follow those pointing along the horse trail / towards the bar, and you’ll quickly come across the back of the latter – circle around to the left of it to find your way up to the deck at the front. This offers a view westwards and down to the the shoreline and an almost continuous roll of breakers heading towards it.

Witch’s Rock, Costa Rica, January 2020

A stream running down from the hills splits the landscape, separating the grass and shrub topped dunes below the bar from the sands and surf paraphernalia of the local beach, a couple of simple wooden bridges spanning it. Those wishing to surf the waves can do so from the beach, while above and behind the rezzers is a bar awaiting customers.

A further stream tumbles over rocks to separate the beach and bar from the northern reach of the region. Sandy in nature again, this features a large corral and a barn, a track cutting between the two. A saddle sits by the barn’s fencing; those touching it can rez a horse and take to the hoof and ride around the rest of the region, taking the trail that runs eastward up the slope and between misty trees.

Witch’s Rock Costa Rica, January 2020

Following this route will being riders – and walkers – to large rocky pool, a single channel extending from it to form the head of the two streams mentioned above. Crossing this via the lone rope bridge allows travellers to follow a grass trail that runs back past the steps leading down to the landing point, and thence to the hilltop bar. Continue south and west along the trail as it descends back to the west coast, where a ride can be finished off by a gallop along the shallows of the shore.

Those who fancy spending time on the water without having to surf can do so either by taking a seat in the little rowing boat calmly sitting offshore despite the waves, or – if an eye is kept out for it – grabbing the little motor boat mooring at the southern wharf.

Witch’s Rock Costa Rica, January 2020

For those who enjoy SL surfing, Witch’s Rock Costa Rica makes for an interesting visit, while there is enough within the region to keep SL photographers happy as well, the local bird life and the ambient sound scape give the region further depth.

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Witch’s Rock in Second Life

  1. So happy you featured this, Inara! JT and his partner are wonderful folks all around and this sim is just as fitting with all sorts of realistic nooks and crannies. I absolutely loved it and hope to have many relaxing hangouts there with my friends … and my horse! By the way, JT filmed my LEA tribute to M*A*S*H so you’ve already seen his talents :):) Go relax there folks, you’ll love Witches Rock!!


  2. This is a lovely sim and I enjoyed the trail ride, but it was over in under 5 minutes. You cannot expect more in a Homestead. There is a long trail on Heterocera Route 6, and also Calas Galadhon, Ville de Coeur, and Templeton Farms. I just feel that so far Bellisseria is a missed opportunity to provide the riding community of Second Life with long clearly signed bridle paths/ trails.


  3. Thanks for the article Inara and thanks for visiting Tah, Sam 🙂 I should remind your readers that Witch´s is a surf sim with horses rather than a riding sim with waves. Tons of stuff to see though so…..take a few laps on the horse trails 😉



  4. I love the scenery and the beach is wonderful!! I can’t wait to surf there, really a great beach!! Also love the fact you can go horseback riding.. Love it all 😀


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