JanitaEduarda Arado at La Galerie D’angle

La Galerie D’angle: JanitaEduarda Arado

Currently open – for a while longer at least, given it commenced at the end of October 2019! – at La Galerie D’angle, curated by Mary Zimmer, is an exhibition by JanitaEduarda Arado.

I confess that I’m not aware of being that familiar with JanitaEduarda’s work, but will say that this exhibition is a superb introduction. Comprising some 40 images, the pieces presented in it cover landscape, avatar and self-studies that are diverse and eye-catching. Throughout all of them as a rich understanding of colour, tone, depth of field / focus and – as is always important for me – narrative.

La Galerie D’angle: JanitaEduarda Arado

The latter are particularly strong in the self-studies spaced throughout the exhibition, where the suggestion of a broader story – or a layering of stories is offered. Take When the Last Sound has Faded, for example. This predominantly monochrome piece has several tales to tell, from a suggestion of a love of music, through the emotional power of music to the tale of a love now past and the loneliness / regret that follows – or, conversely, in the peace and solitude that a release from a relationship brings.

Sometimes the stories are more indirect. Take Stillness of the Mind. Here the idea of piece may initially be suggested through the use of soft focus that rendered the figure in the background as blurred, suggestive of someone lost in thought. However, the same depth of field brings the milk urn on the kitchen table into sharp focus, and with it the idea of liquid at rest, undisturbed, still – and so we have a metaphor for a mind at rest.

La Galerie D’angle: JanitaEduarda Arado

Once again, this is a superb exhibition for this gallery, featuring an artist whose pieces invite the imagination to take flight. Not to be missed before it closes.

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