Dhyezl’s art at Ani’s Gallery in Second Life

Ani’s Gallery: Dhyezl, December 2019

Currently on display on the upper floor at Ani’s Gallery is an exhibition of Second Life art by a relative newcomer to the scene – and apparently to Second Life as a whole.

Dhyezl appears to have joined Second Life just over a year ago, and the exhibition at Ani’s Gallery – which actually closes at the end of the month, so my apologies to him for getting to it so late – is Dhyezl’s first public display of his art. It features some 27 images, all of which fall largely into the category of landscape images, although many have an avatar-centric lean to them as well.

Ani’s Gallery: Dhyezl

Dhyezl says of his work:

As life is full of surprises, I discovered here a passion for photography. If I remain silent, maybe it’s because you speak in voice and I don’t understand everything, or maybe it’s because I am taking a photo!

I’m still learning, so if you are a photographer I would be happy to share about your techniques, or collect advices.

I actually think he is being far too modest. There is considerable technique in his art, and this exhibition demonstrates this to the fullest; there is a rich vein of narrative to his pictures. In addition, some of the pieces have been gathered together somewhat thematically. Three pieces featuring water, for example have a sandy element before them, representing a beach or river bank. Another three, all of which might be called countryside images, are placed over a mini-scene of a meadow, complete with a broken cart among the flowers.

Ani’s Gallery: Dhyezl

These elements add a certain depth to the art on display; but the reality it, Dhyezl’s art is striking enough not to require additional props, and I look forward to seeing more of his art at future exhibitions.

Also when visiting, don’t forget to appreciate Ani’s art on the ground floor of the gallery as well.

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A late summer at La Clef des Champs in Second Life

La Clef des Champs, December 2019 – click any image for full size

It has been some time since I’ve paid a visit to La Clef des Champs (literally, “the key fields”), the region setting by Rose Siabonne. When last I visited, in June 2018, Rose had relocated the setting from a Homestead to a Full regions (see: A return to La Clef des Champs).

Part of my reason for not re-visiting is that some time after that last visit, the region appeared to close, and Rose later offered the homestead setting of Hors du Temps (see: An Out of Time experience in Second Life). However, in the latter half of 2019, La Clef des Champs made a return to Second Life (the region details show it as returning in August 2019), and with it,Rose has once again created a photogenic, somewhat Adult-oriented  region – one that was, as the time of my end-of-year visit, still caught in the warmth and colour of summer.

La Clef des Champs, December 2019

As with past iterations of the region, this is a place where Adult activities are allowed, provided they are kept indoors and do not spill over into the gardens and open spaces of the region. As such, some of the buildings scattered across the landscape particularly given over to adult pursuits (notably the two white, modern houses). However, those who prefer not to witness such things shouldn’t be put off from visiting: there is more than enough to see and do without entering the various houses, and some of the buildings – such as the pavilion on the uplands to the south-east.

This pavilion, as with a number of other points across the region offer echoes of previous Les Clefs des Champs for those familiar with previous builds (in this case the piano), without ever being derivative of past builds.

La Clef des Champs, December 2019, December 2019

Water plays a role in the overall design, with the setting split into a primary large island with three smaller isles spaced around it. The largest of these, to the north-west, has a cottage atop it, and while there is no indication the parcel is private, the décor and furnishings with suggest it may well be – so perhaps a little caution should be used when exploring to avoid undue trespass.

Elsewhere, a river cuts through the region, almost splitting it in two has it runs from a set of inland falls and to the east coast. In addition, beaches serve the two white houses, while to the south a bay offers rowing boats and a little café. These help to break up the landscape with places to sit and relax.

La Clef des Champs, December 2019

There are some rough edges to the design, but nothing that spoils the overall effect of the design, while the centre lowlands offer a pastoral setting, complete with farmhouse (unfurnished) with geese, chickens and goats. Between this farmhouse and the (furnished) Tuscan house set a little back from the river, horses roam the grass.

As ever, La Clef des Champs retains an eye-catching design that offers rich opportunities for photography and appreciation of the outdoors.

La Clef des Champs, December 2019

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