Dhyezl’s art at Ani’s Gallery in Second Life

Ani’s Gallery: Dhyezl, December 2019

Currently on display on the upper floor at Ani’s Gallery is an exhibition of Second Life art by a relative newcomer to the scene – and apparently to Second Life as a whole.

Dhyezl appears to have joined Second Life just over a year ago, and the exhibition at Ani’s Gallery – which actually closes at the end of the month, so my apologies to him for getting to it so late – is Dhyezl’s first public display of his art. It features some 27 images, all of which fall largely into the category of landscape images, although many have an avatar-centric lean to them as well.

Ani’s Gallery: Dhyezl

Dhyezl says of his work:

As life is full of surprises, I discovered here a passion for photography. If I remain silent, maybe it’s because you speak in voice and I don’t understand everything, or maybe it’s because I am taking a photo!

I’m still learning, so if you are a photographer I would be happy to share about your techniques, or collect advices.

I actually think he is being far too modest. There is considerable technique in his art, and this exhibition demonstrates this to the fullest; there is a rich vein of narrative to his pictures. In addition, some of the pieces have been gathered together somewhat thematically. Three pieces featuring water, for example have a sandy element before them, representing a beach or river bank. Another three, all of which might be called countryside images, are placed over a mini-scene of a meadow, complete with a broken cart among the flowers.

Ani’s Gallery: Dhyezl

These elements add a certain depth to the art on display; but the reality it, Dhyezl’s art is striking enough not to require additional props, and I look forward to seeing more of his art at future exhibitions.

Also when visiting, don’t forget to appreciate Ani’s art on the ground floor of the gallery as well.

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5 thoughts on “Dhyezl’s art at Ani’s Gallery in Second Life

  1. Know what, he’s completely right. Voice users in SL are the most terribble people ever, inconsiderate and about to destroy the magic and the last secrets of SL. And they are noisey! And mostly full of kak. I go inworld for some quiet me-time, and that’s hardly possible anymore these days. 😐


    1. Well, there is an easy answer if you’re a non-Voice user: turn Voice off in your viewer (volume control, top right, uncheck the last option).

      If you do use voice, and there is someone who is insisting on tromping around with their microphone constantly open & who isn’t contributing anything other than polluting the scene with extraneous noise from whatever is going on around them in the physical world (my personal bugbear), including their own keyboard use and/or the charming blasts, snorts and snuffles of their own breathing and who refuses to listen to requests to toggle their microphone off (or perhaps does not understand such requests due to a language barrier) – use the viewer’s individual incoming volume controls to mute them.


      1. LOL, guess what I always do. In fact I don’t even have a mic on my PC and voice constantly turned off. I had it on once, for some sailing community meeting in voice … and it was terrible.
        And then some youngster comes along and claims that comunication in voice is clearer than in writing. 😮 😦
        Tssk tssk, some people’s kidz.:|


  2. Thank you very much for your words, it’s a real pleasure and it’s very encouraging.
    For the technique, it comes directly from Teddy Bear in Caledon Oxbridge University. She’s a great teacher who gives a whole series of courses on photography detailing all the technical aspects course by course. I owe her a lot.
    I really like to add scenery to link the pictures and tell a story. There are some pictures that can’t exist “by themselves” I think, while with the rest it works.
    My next exhibition will be at Phoenix Artist collaboration gallery in January. I hope to meet you there 🙂
    Oh, and for the voice, it’s mostly that I’m a disaster in spoken English ;p

    Thank you again 🙂

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