Honah Lee Wave: sun, sand and surfing in Second Life

Honah Lee Wave

I received an invitation from MarkTwain White to visit Honah Lee Wave, a new public homestead region in to Honah Lee estate to the south-east of Blake Sea, and forming a part of the United Sailing Sims.

A Homestead region, Honah Lee Wave has a lot to offer visitors, whether they TP in, or arrive by boat or air. There’s surfing, a beach, for sunbathing, moorings for small boats (emphasis on “small”, as in not the “two mansions and gardens” variety), an airstrip – again suitable for smaller aircraft, and a helipad. There’s also a GTFO (get The Freight Out – see An inside look at Get the Freight Out in Second Life and GTFO: Getting Started) terminal, and I understand the island will become the setting for assorted competitions (presumably surfing and the like).

The region comes with something of a back-story:

Honah Lee Wave is a place where small sail boats and motor boats can do some business; a place where HLW-made surf jewellery can be obtained, and the local delicacy HLW lobster, can be enjoyed. These are sought all over the world at around $100 wholesale, thanks in part to the high rum content in the waters around the island. When the local islanders realised there was a market for Lobster with a naturally acquired rum flavour, they began soaking the lobsters in the spirit before shipping them live to overseas markets. Visitors to the island can find an added attraction in being able to pick the drunkest lobster to be prepared fresh for their meal. 

– MarkTwain White offering some of Honah Lee Wave’s back-story

Honah Lee Wave: trying out the airstrip

South-facing, the island forms a broad, open U, a natural cove into which the tide flows, the two arms of the island helping to raise the waves to a height suitable for surfing. They are faced by a beach backed by huts that will – I understand – be available as small market places, and the island’s surf shop where demo boards can be obtained by those wishing to try a little surfing, and board purchases made by those who want to take up the sport on a more regular basis.

The south-east arm of the island is home to the local airstrip, where lines of palm trees on either side make it clear this airstrip is only suitable for smaller aircraft; anything to large is going to have issues with wing spans and the trees. The best way to approach the airstrip is from the south, coming in over Scuttle, which – for those with the draw distance – offers the opportunity to take in the SS Galaxy. Take-offs are also made to the south, the northern end of the airstrip being blocked by the island’s helipad.

… and the Helipad. Honah Lee Wave

The latter sits atop a flat-topped bank of compacted sand. It looks both south over the airstrip and west over the the beach towards’s the islands hills. It is in the lee of these that the boat moorings lie, complete with a GTFO warehouse delivery / collection point, which includes an information board and vendor for those wishing to join the GTFO community. A wooden board walk climbs up the hills from the moorings, leading the way to a small camp site for those who fancy it.

Honah Lee Wave offers a new attraction for those who enjoy flying, sailing and exploring the Blake Sea and surrounding regions – and offers the potential for new fun and socialising within the Honah Lee estate. When visiting, do keep in mind that as a Moderate region, topless bathing / tanning is allowed – but adult activities are not. Also, the region currently has open rezzing, with Auto Return set to 30 minutes. Other than that – the island is open to visitors and a worthwhile destination. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try out the surfing!

Honah Lee Wave

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