More Gentle Breezes in Second Life

Gentle Breezes, October 2019 – click any image for full size

It’s been two years since our first visit to Rosy Highwater’s Gentle Breezes, and while I have a handful of region visits stacking up awaiting write-ups, I’m jumping ahead of some of the newer places we’ve visited (which are either getting a lot of attention right now, or may still be undergoing some further changes) to write about it once again as the colder months start to wrap their fingers around many of us as winter approaches.

Gentle Breezes, October 2019

A homestead region, Gentle Breezes offers a balmy, semi-tropical location of low lying beaches and palm trees backed by hills and temperate trees. Cut by a channel fed by waters tumbling from high falls, the region offers a restful setting where numerous places to watch the tide and the sea birds await visitors who want to spend time relaxing and enjoying their time together.

Gentle Breezes, October 2019

Up on the hills are more places to explore: cottages and cabins, outdoor seating areas, picnic spots, and more. Beaches and uplands are linked by a single path, one that passes between two blocks of rock a short distance from the landing point, wooden boards easing the way up the slope. North of these is a smaller beach facing a small island across a neck of water. Home to a cabin, this little island offer a place to get away from it all even while you’re getting away by visiting Gentle Breezes.

Gentle Breezes, October 2019

Wherever you wander on the region there is something to see or a place to sit and / or cuddle – while for those who fancy, the shallows can be waded and the local wildlife can be observed.

Spending a lot of time writing about Gentle Breezes isn’t really what counts here; the region is easy to visit and explore and offers more than enough to keep visitors engaged while exploring. So if you are missing summer already and want to have a sense of warmth and sunshine and hot sands beneath your feet, Gentle Breezes with all its little beauty spots and touches of detail, could be just the ticket.

Gentle Breezes, October 2019

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