Calypso Applewhyte at Black Label in Second Life

Black Label Exhibition Centre: Calypso Applewhyte

Now open at Black Label Exhibition Corner is an exhibition by Calypso Applewhyte entitled Feelings, a selection of her distinctive self-portraits offering a mix of monochrome and colour images.

Self-taught with Photoshop, Calypso entered Second Life in 2010 with – as she describes it herself – “no specific goal”, but while exploring the grid, she found an outlet in Second Life photography. As her interest grew, so did a parallel interest in both her own avatar and the ability to use this virtual domain as a means to explore emotions and feelings.

Black Label Exhibition Centre: Calypso Applewhyte

This is powerfully reflected the selection of pictures displayed within this exhibition, as indicated by the title. Reached via teleport from the Black Label Exhibition Corner (please read the notes there about viewer settings), Feelings presents Twenty-one images by Caly (some of which are intentionally duplicated to offer a different means of presentation). Some of the pictures have appeared in selections of Caly’s work seen in other exhibitions, but which in their inclusion here certainly fit the theme.

Each piece captures Caly’s avatar in a variety of looks and poses, some with a science fiction edge to them, others leaning towards steampunk or fantasy and others more classical in nature. All of them are drawn together by the depth of emotion each conveys. In this, we often use the phrase “the eyes are the windows of the soul”, but Caly proves feelings and emotions can be conveyed through pose and / or look even when the eyes themselves are unseen: just take Romeo and Juliet, CA-418 and CA-395 as examples of this.

Black Label Exhibition Centre: Calypso Applewhyte

Although that said, there is no denying  those images that do show Caly’s eyes have a particular emotional attraction, as shown with the likes of Green Girl and a piece I’ve seen previously seen exhibited and have admired: La Tristesse.

When visiting – and as per the instructions at the landing point – it is essential you have Advanced Light Model active in your viewer (Preferences → Graphics), or what I’ll refer to as “The Mirror” mini-collection of four projected images within the main exhibition will not be visible.

Black Label Exhibition Centre: Calypso Applewhyte

Another engaging exhibition by Calypso, perfectly presented by the Black Label Exhibition Corner, managed by AnnaFrancesca Kira.

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