A Hazardous return in Second Life

Hazardous, September 2019 – click any image for full size

We often lament the passing of an established Second Life region; when the news breaks, there are always questions of why and voices of regret. So when the reverse happens, and a long-time favourite returns to Second Life, it’s only right we should celebrate and give cheer – and that’s certainly the case with Hazardous, which re-opened its doors to the public on September 21st, 2019.

Designed and presented by Mandingo Quan, Hazardous was a unique region design when I first visited it far back in 2013, and it remains genuinely so with its re-opening in 2019.

Hazardous, September 2019

For those who remember the region of old, Hazardous still presents its familiar horseshoe plateau of an island rising on sheer cliffs and cut through to its heart by a deep gorge. It is a setting that intentionally sets itself aside from other regions in it looks, as travellers who perhaps have not had the opportunity to visit previously will quickly see.

I’ve been really blessed to have gotten so much positive feedback. Frankly I was one of those who would often talk about the older sims disappearing without realising that mine was one! What really surprised me is we opened up on around two hours notice and we had over 50 avatars arrive, it was really humbling; and the old faces I see now, it really is good to see people back.

– Mandingo Quan discussing the return of Hazardous

Hazardous, September 2019

Much within it remains true to the original: the minimalistic beauty of the U-shaped plateau; the novel means of reaching it from the landing point; the curving stone steps awaiting discovery as they curl down to the waters below. But there are subtle changes: while the landing point retains its novel “teleport” down to the island proper (left-click to stand on the flagstone and enjoy the animation!), the keen-eyed may notice the bathtub has vanished, whilst down on the ground, a new open-air event space sits a short walk from where incoming visitors land.

The latter, Mandingo informed me, is being looked after by Rara Destiny and Grace McDunnough, two talented live performers in their own right, and who will doubtless be holding sets at Hazardous (indeed, Rara sang at the opening on September 21st). For the coming weekend they have a very special performance taking place: ColorfulQuiet (aka CQ or CQ Bravin) is returning to Second Life after a 6-year hiatus and will be appearing at Hazardous on Saturday, September 28th, starting at 14:00 SLT, kicking-off his Love Tour.

Hazardous, September 2019

While the landscaping up on the plateau might be – as I’ve said – beautifully minimalistic, there is actually a lot to see in Hazardous; some of which might be easily missed if not looked for. The most obvious to be seen is the gorge and the board walk winding through it from open mouth to circular well and the river house that sits therein. A cross between café and artist’s studio, the house offers a quiet retreat from the world above – but it is not all that resides in the gorge.

Others, however, are a little harder to find. Take the steps down to the water I mentioned above. These might require a little more vigilance in order to be found. However, the care is worth it as what lies just beyond the gates at the foot of the stairs is worth the visit.

Hazardous, September 2019

In fact, camming over the sides of the cliffs is recommended during a visit, as there are a number of touches around the periphery of the island that might well otherwise be missed. Careful mousing over things is also advised. Doing so might well reveal a hidden spot within the island that awaits discovery – although getting back might also require a little careful camming.

With its subtle sound scape and ability to suit almost any windlight environment, Hazardous has always been a delight to visit and photograph, and it is an absolutely pleasure to see it back in Second Life once more and available for people to enjoy.

Hazardous, September 2019

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