New Linden Homes Preview

New Linden Homes preview – available until Sunday, April 7th, 2019

Friday, March 15th marked the opening of the 2019 Home and Garden Expo in support of Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

I’ll have a report on this year’s event coming up soon, but for this article I’m focusing on a special element within the event: the preview region for the new Linden Homes continent that will be débuting very soon for Premium members (Patch linden indicated it is just “weeks” away now) as a long awaiting “upgrade” to (and eventual replacement of)  the old 512 sq metre parcel Linden Homes.

I hopped over to the preview region – which is presented just as one of the regions in the new continent will look – as Patch Linden and members of the Linden Department of Public Works were available and taking questions. Rather than go on at great length, I’ve attempted to summarise the key points below.

Note that the preview region will remain open until the end of the Home and Garden Expo on Sunday, April 7th, 2019.

New Linden Homes preview

Launch and Availability

  • No precise launch date has been announced, but Patch indicated it is now “weeks” away for the initial deployment.
  • When launched, the new Linden Homes will be available to all Premium members, and will not be tied to any new Premium tier option.
  • Obtaining a new Linden Home will follow similar lines to the current Linden homes – using a web page to make an initial choice of home type, before selecting the style of house when in-world.
  • Premium users will be able to swap between house types, just as they can with current Linden Homes.
  • When launched, the new Linden homes will be made available on a new continent  – apparently to be called  Bellisseria (according to the covenant).
    • This continent will form a “bridge” between two of the existing Mainland continents (which continents has yet to be announced) to form “a larger contiguous continent”.
  • In time, as take-up of the new Linden Homes increases, the existing Linden Homes mini-continents will be retired and removed from the grid, with those remaining on them rather than obtaining a new linden Home being encouraged to move.
The new Linden homes include houseboat options, couple with moorings for boats

Parcels and Houses

  • Linden Homes (and houseboats) will be provided on 1024 sq m parcels.
    • Premium members must have 1024 sq m of available tier to obtain a home.
    • Premium members are limited to one Linden Home per Premium account.
    • Parcels will have a total of 351 LI for use by those using them (houses and houseboats do not count towards the total).
  • Parcels will be made available in themed areas, and house types will be in keeping with the theme.
    • Parcel terraforming is not permitted.
  • Each parcel will be managed by a mailbox, which will offer four house styles in keeping with the overall theme / type.
    • Houses may not be removed, modified, exchanged, set or deeded to group, or transferred.
    • All of the house styles are deigned to provide garden / yard space.
    • Houseboats include moorings for boats.
  • Additional buildings or structures are allowed as long as they are in theme and meet the height restrictions.
    • Privacy walls or fences should match the theme and extend no more than 4m above ground level.
    • All other structures should not extend higher than 15m above ground level or sea level, whichever is higher.
    • Note that house styles are presented with boundary walls / hedgerows / both for privacy
  • The interiors of Linden Homes can be decorated to residents’ likings. The exteriors should always remain in theme.
  • Types and styles of houses / houseboats include interior / exterior décor options, working curtains / blinds and house control system.
  • Skyboxes are permitted, providing they are above 2000m altitude.
Individual house styles (4) for a given type can be selected from the mailbox associated with a parcel

There is also a new covenant for these linden home, that can be viewed via About Land when visiting the preview region.

General Impressions

The new houses are well presented and offer a good choice of style  – unsurprisingly a good step up from the very long-in-the-tooth current batch of Linden Homes (first introduced in 2010), and I’m personally quite enamoured of the houseboats with their moorings.

Providing infrastructure to the new regions – roads, parks, coastline, beaches, rivers, etc., will hopefully help build more of a community feel to the new Linden Homes than the approach taken with the first series, and in this, providing houses that sit within their parcels and with privacy boundaries (walls / hedgerows) to me both increases the sense of ownership and also the look and feel of these developments being a residential development. True, the privacy is only visual (you’ll need parcel privacy) and the shape of the houseboat parcels tended to make these feel a little crowded, but on the whole, the layout appears to work.

Patch’s indication that the new homes will be part of a “bridge” between two existing continents came as a surprise, and seems to suggest the SSP regions where Linden home development work is being done may be relocated prior to the new Homes starting to be offered.

The Linden Homes preview offers some hints as to the landscaping found within the new continent regions

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10 thoughts on “New Linden Homes Preview

  1. I love the house boats too and to be able to keep a boat a real bonus. I wonder how far the waterway reaches, I hope to a sailable ocean. Need to book a place before they all taken up 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Will go there and look for myself but obviously not buying into the scheme. But good to know LL ramped up their offerings. Particularly the houseboats look quite enticing.


  3. Thanks Inara, as always update us on the news. I visited the region and I find the houses very beautiful, even if they are small compared to the one I already have, I know that I will have to reduce the furniture. I have already chosen mine, that is the one I would like, the Traditional Winchester. I have already thought about how to furnish and I think I will also make myself a pool :). Is the ocean navigable even without having a boat house? Will Linden send us an email or message in the world when we move?
    a warm greeting and thanks for everything, Adriana

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  4. While having my own region, I also have a Linden home. It comes in handy when my home is open to the public. I’ve always felt the houses were too big and lacked a community feel. As one who enjoys digging in pixel dirt, the Linden homes have been lacking in that department as well. I am excited about the new homes and houseboats and have already picked out the style I intend to move to and decorate. The rooms may be smaller but still one can maneuver about without your computer screen going haywire, and to have a more substantial land impact will certainly appease my decorating side. I am ready to pack up and move to a new Linden home today 🙂 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am so glad to be following your blog these days.

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    1. We’re like you: we’re both Premium and have Linden Homes as bolt holes (handy for rolling restarts and the like!) as well as a “main” island home. Although they are slightly more crowded, I’m likely to go for one of the houseboats, as noted in the article.

      Thank for the kind words about the blog – feedback is what keeps me going 🙂 .

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  5. …. we are very excited about this move, certainly the project of the city district could make it easier to socialize than now in the islands of our Linden houses. I talked about it yesterday with my partner, who has his own island and to make me happy he bought me the house I wanted, where we live in the world. While I was decanting how nice the new houses were and I had already made my choice he told me: but you already have your house … “and I was moved … but I can’t wait to study how to furnish it , since in my “small” I am an interior designer and I have a shop in MP, but the pool will do it :), have a nice Sunday …

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