Sisi’s Mystery of Nature in Second Life

Paris Metro Gallery: Mystery of Nature

Now open at the Paris Metro gallery in Second Life is Mystery of Nature, an exhibition of art by Sisi Biedermann, presenting 14 pieces of work for our appreciation.

“I joined Second Life in 2007, and back then I never realised how much this would mean to me, ” Sisi says of her art and her time in Second Life. “Back then I had just started painting with acrylics after a very long break where I raised my children and looked after my family and my work. I started taking photos in Second Life in 2008, and have developed my style ever since.

Paris Metro Gallery: Mystery of Nature

“Over the years, I have amassed several hundred paintings,  and I still get a lot of inspiration from nature, Second Life and northern islands such as Faroe Islands and Iceland.”

The pieces selected for this exhibition reflect Sisi’s love of nature, whilst offering pieces with a slight fantasy twist to them, complete with a touch of the abstract. From landscape studies to works focused on people / avatars, it’s a remarkable selection, rich in colour and depth, broad in style and composition. Nature is reflected in all of them, from being the focus Fern through to the autumn leaves framing The Chinese Tower or the mountains and Moon seemingly forming the backdrop of Top of the World.

Paris Metro Gallery: Mystery of Nature

The fantasy elements are perhaps clearest in  Faery Land and Magic Book, but so too is it event in other pieces as well – such as The Bridge, with its rich symbolism, and the framing of The Edge. Similarly, the abstract nature within the pieces is both obvious and beautifully subtle.

This is a superb selection, of art, one well worth visiting and the individual pieces very collectible for hanging at home.

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