Second Life October & November web deploys

On Wednesday, December 7th, 2017, and to coincide with the bi-weekly Web User Group meetings (held every other Friday) as well as to provide an update on the Second Life web properties, Alexa Linden provided a blog post to provide an overview of the last two months of web-related updates.

In summary these updates comprise:

  • Second Life Place Pages have received a range of fixes, including errors being generated by some pages, images with transparent attributes overlapping, Markdown feature issues, etc.
    • Work is in progress to add 360-degree images from the 360 snapshot viewer (see my last review of this here) to Place Pages
  • The flow for adding and using existing Payment information for new users has been streamlined and made more intuitive.
  • Assorted updates to
  • Introduction of the new viewer splash / log-in screen
  • Corrected an issue with the Terms of Service panel in the viewer.
The updated official viewer splash screen for general users (i.e. not first-time log-in), introduced in October / November, and referred to in the Lab’s blog post on web property updates

New DMCA Process

The blog post also references changes the lab is making to the DMCA filing process encapsulated in the Intellectual Property Infringement Notification Policy.

These changes are not yet live, but primarily comprise a new on-line form users and complete in order to file a notification with Linden Lab, rather than having to provide information via post or fax, as is currently the case.

When this change goes live, there will hopefully be a formal blog post on the subject, and I certainly hope to be able to blog about it in these pages.