Team Diabetes of Second Life announces third season

Team Diabetes of Second Life recently announced its third fund-raising season. Founded in 2015 by Jessi2009 Warrhol and John Brianna (Johannes1977 Resident), Team Diabetes of Second Life is the official and authorised team of the American Diabetes Association in SL. Their mission is to raise awareness, tolerance, and funds for diabetes in the virtual world of Second Life. According to the World Health Organisation in 2016 some 422 million adults in the world have diabetes and 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year.

The 2017 Team Diabetes of Second life season will run from October 2017 to December 2017, with the following events scheduled to take place:

  • October 13th though 31st: Scare Me Silly Shopping Event (off-season event).
  • November 1st through 30th: National Diabetes Month, featuring:
    • November 1st through 15th: The Red Hunt.
    • November 4th and 5th: Team Diabetes Kick-off – Tour de SL.
    • November 5th, 2017: Season Celebration & Bike Race.
    • November 12th, 2017: The Red Ball.
  • December 1st to 10th: Winter Showcase & Winter Art Show.
  • December 31st, 2017: Team Diabetes of Second Life’s Season Ends.

Merchant and Blogger Applications

Team Diabetes of Second Life is currently seeking designers and merchants willing to participate in their events and in helping in raising funds for the American Diabetes Association. Involvement in all events is free, all designers and merchants are asked to do is follow the donations rules provided for each event. Currently, designers and merchants can apply for:

  • Scare Me Silly application (October 13th-31st, 2017)
  • The Red Fling application (November 1st-30st, 2017)

Further event applications will be posted on the Team Diabetes of SL website in due course.

Bloggers wishing to support and cover Team diabetes of SL events are asked to complete 2017 Team Diabetes of SL Blogger’s Application.

In addition to the events mentioned above, individuals, businesses, and organisations are encouraged to hold fund-raising events in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! The official 2017 fund-raising season tool kit will be available to the second life public on September 1, 2017, at the organisation’s office in the Non-Profit Commons, Second Life.

About the American Diabetes Association

 Established in 1940, the American Diabetes Association is working to both prevent and cure diabetes in all it forms, and to help improve the lives of all those affected by diabetes. It does this by providing objective and credible information and resources about diabetes to communities, and funding research into ways and means of both managing and curing the illness. In addition, the Association gives voice to those denied their rights as a consequence of being affected by diabetes.

About Team Diabetes of Second life

Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorised fund-raiser for the American Diabetes Association in Second Life. Established with the aim of raising funds in support of diabetes treatment and to raise awareness of the disease in SL, Team Diabetes of Second Life was founded by Jessi2009 Warrhol and John Brianna (Johannes1977 Resident), and is served by an advisory board comprising Eleseren Brianna, Veruca Tammas, Sandie Loxingly, Rob Fenwitch, Earth Nirvana and Dawnbeam Dreamscape, with Saiyge Lotus serving as a special advisor.

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