Au Petit Jour in Second Life

Au Petit Jour, Hrodas Fen; Inara Pey, June 2017, on Flickr Au Petit Jour – click any image for full size

Au Petit Jour is the latest Homestead region design by Elyjia (Elyjia Baxton) and Brayan Friller (Brayan26 Friller) – who you may remember as being the couple behind The Heart of the Sea, which Caitlyn and I visited back in March 2017, and found to be a beautiful, tranquil location.

Those who remember The Heart of the Sea may notices that Au Petit Jour (“At Daybreak”) has much in common with that former build, whilst also being an entirely unique design.   There are two primary islands, for example, one of which includes the landing point, and a number of smaller offshore islets. As with Heart of the Sea, and as its name would suggest, Au Petit Jour is caught in the rays of an early morning sun, whilst the land presents a similar mix of lowlands and rocky, grass-covered bluffs and mesas.

Au Petit Jour, Hrodas Fen; Inara Pey, June 2017, on Flickr Au Petit Jour

But where Heart of the Sea rose from open waters, Au Petit Jour sits surrounded by other islands with tall green slopes and grassy shores which, to the east almost stretch out far enough to make part of this landscape a headland, rather than an island. To the north, between the rounded shoulders of these mighty hills, lies the open sea, a silver-grey Moon dipping slowly towards it, facing another open channel and the sea beyond, to the south.

The landing point is located on the north side of the largest island, under the shade of two tall trees with trunks gently bowed from age, bluebells blossoming around the feet. Birds perch on fences greeting the morning in song, and a cinder track cuts across the grass east-to-west, separating a shaded arbor from a nearby Romany camp, beyond which a light house is perched upon a rocky outcrop rising from reeded waters.  Follow the track eastwards, over an old stone bridge, and you’ll reach the second of the two large islands.

Au Petit Jour, Hrodas Fen; Inara Pey, June 2017, on Flickr Au Petit Jour

This throws a rugged face towards the tall hills to the east, crowned by an old folly (where dances can be enjoyed). The cinder path splits before reaching this flat-topped cast of rock, one arm leading to the steps that offer a way up to the folly, the other cutting between rocky faces to arrive at a low-lying area, shaded by trees and looking south over a cinder beach and across the inlet to the other islets in the group.

Go west along the track from the landing point, up a small flight of tone steps, and you have a choice of going south (left) or north (right). The southern path leads past more steps offering access up to a windmill seated on the island’s highest point, to a cove-like sandy beach presenting another vantage point looking towards the largest of the remaining islands. This is home to stilted beach houses built out over the water, with  cabins for rent on the low hill above them.

Au Petit Jour, Hrodas Fen; Inara Pey, June 2017, on Flickr Au Petit Jour

Northwards, the land remains flat and low, forming a hook to enclose a small bay into which waters tumble in falls down the side of the windmill’s table of rock. The hook offers a small place for music and dancing, while a raft anchored in the little bay presents another place for sitting and cuddling.

Beautifully laid out, with places to sit, places to cuddle and places to dance – as well as plenty to see, Au Petit Jour  offers much for the Second Life traveller to enjoy. When visiting, do keep in mind that the small island to the south-east, with the little cabins on the rocks and the little white boat dock, is a private area and not open to the public. Should you enjoy your visit, please do consider a donation towards the upkeep of the region.

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With thanks to Shakespeare (Skinnynilla) for the LM.