SL project updates 18/2: server, viewer, inventory loss

The Anthropic Principle – Gem Preiz – blog post

Server Deployments  – Recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest information  / updates.

SL Viewer

On Thursday, May 4th, the AssetHTTP RC viewer updated to version, which looks to be to addressing further crash issues with the previous RC version.

All other viewers in the pipelines remain unchanged:

  • Current Release version:, dated April 3rd – formerly the Maintenance RC viewer overview
  • Project viewers:
    • Project Alex Ivy (LXIV), 64-bit project viewer version, dated April 25th
    • 360-degree snapshot viewer version, dated November 23rd, 2016 – ability to take 360-degree panoramic images
  • Obsolete platform viewer version dated May 8th, 2015 – provided for users on Windows XP and OS X versions below 10.7.

Inventory Loss Issues

I recently reported on people’s experiences with inventory losses, as recorded through the forums. As a result of both the forum discussion and JIRAs filed such as BUG-100541), the Lab has been looking again at inventory and possible causes of inventory loss. This will be resulting in some viewer behaviour changes  as Grumpity Linden explained during the Server Beta meeting on Thursday, May 4th:

So we are actively looking at the various reports of inventory loss (Quick thank you to everyone who takes the time to file bug reports… It helps!). With this recent wave of reports, it seems like there are a lot of things ending up in trash unexpectedly and we can’t be sure whether there’s an evil gremlin in the machinery or a bunch of accidental key presses. So we’re putting in some viewer changes to at least make the accidental key presses less likely. We’re:

  1. Amending the prompt that comes up when you have over 5K items in trash to show the trash folder when you’re ready to purge it – before you can purge it.
  2. Backspace will only delete on mac, not windows.
  3. [The] purging trash warning will give you the count of items you’re deleting and will be unavoidable.
  4. You’re going to have to see the “Are you sure you want to delete this thing” warning at least once per session.

Also, I’d like to clarify something – a lot of reports we’re seeing come up right now but are actually of past incidents. I think the discussion on the forum(s) has led to an increase in reporting.  which is great because then maybe we’ll finally get a reproducible scenario and find ways to fix.

These changes may not resolve all the issues being experienced, but they may help with at least some, and in creasing people’s awareness of what might be happening in their Trash folder. There is currently no time frame as to when these updates will appear in an RC  / project viewer; I’d assume they would most likely be appearing in a Maintenance RC.

Profile Feed Snapshot Uploads

People are (once again) experiencing issues with uploading snapshots to their Profile Feed. A bug on the matter has been raised – BUG-100516.


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