A Meadow Rose in Second Life

Meadow Rose III, Tyme; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Meadow Rose III – click any image for full size

Note: Meadow Rose has relocated to Forever Neverland – see my more recent review here. SLurl is this article have been removed.

Meadow Rose III, designed by Rye Falmer, is a homestead region open to the public offering a  romantic setting for visitors, with much to see and do – and appreciate. For those reading the region’s descriptions, there’s even an extract of a story they might decide to continue for themselves.

The overall design may initially strike one as a period setting. There is a Tudor look to many of the buildings which can easily lean one in that direction. However, there are more than enough clues to reveal that while the buildings are period, the setting is modern.

Meadow Rose III, Tyme; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Meadow Rose III

Instead, what we appear to have is a stately home sitting amidst extensive grounds with formal gardens  of the region suggests this is the ground of a stately home, one which may well have been built centuries ago, but which undoubtedly sits in modern times, the grounds around it pointing to even older occupation, containing as they do the ruins of a more fortified former home, the stone from which may well have gone into the building the current house and some of the other buildings to be found here.

For both Caitlyn and I the overall impression of Meadow Rose is akin to that of many of the grand estates managed by the National Trust here in the UK. That is, lands held for generations by a family, bearing all the hallmarks of their long ownership during which the passing of time gave rise to different forms of house – castle to manor, for example – but which are now maintained for the wider appreciation of the general public, their gates and doors open to visitors to enjoy them in their natural splendour.

Meadow Rose III, Tyme; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Meadow Rose III

The land is broadly arranged in a U-shape around a central channel of water which runs northwards from the middle of the region. The landing point sits on the north-west arm of the U, and the manor house on the north-east, reached via a gated, covered bridge from the landing point. The latter sits between a chapel and a stone-built house, and features an events deck offering live musicians and DJ sessions on a regular basis.

The manor house – open to exploration – sits within formal walled and hedged gardens offering opportunities for walks amidst flowers and hedgerows. It is backed by stables where horses can be obtained should people like to take a ride through the landscape. The glass roof of one wing of the house and the greenhouse alongside the stables, with its scattering of modern gardening implements, are two of the hints that this isn’t a period setting.

Meadow Rose III, Tyme; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Meadow Rose III

To the north side of the manor house is  a small group of standing stones, again suggesting this place has long been a place of human habitation. To the south and east, beyond the more formal gardens and reached via path and stair, is a pavilion sitting out over the water overlooking the neighbouring regions.

Paths and trails wind through the region, leading the way to the points of interest – such as the aforementioned ruins of a castle, or to a Romany camp, where fortunes might be read, before returning to manor house or landing point (depending upon the initial route taken). Throughout it all, there are places to sit and enjoy the views or to snuggle, enjoy a romantic dance, go fishing – or even have a swim. Those seeking a more active pursuit can enjoy a round of bumper boats on the water of the little lake.

Meadow Rose III, Tyme; Inara Pey, May 2017, on Flickr Meadow Rose III

Meadow Rose III is a charming, romantic setting; ideal for quiet exploration, photography, and idling the time away. By day the region is softly lit by a late summer sun; by night torches and braziers light the paths and mark doorways, again offering an air of romance beneath a glittering aurora. To the south and east, the region connects to the other in the estate – although these might not all be open for the public to freely explore. However, a teleport board at the landing point offers access to those areas within the estate open to public visits, for those interested in exploring further afield.

This is truly a delightful region to visit, and if you have not already done so, we can very heartily recommended.